Playoff Prediction: The Phoenix Suns

Playoff Prediction: The Phoenix Suns

With the NBA season now coming to a close, it is time for viewing the playoff potential for each team. The trade deadline has passed and now no adjustments can be made to the squads in terms of getting a new player. Nonetheless we shall be looking at the Phoenix Suns and their playoff potential.

When the season had started, the general fan and the media believed that the Phoenix Suns making into the Finals last year was a fluke. Everyone threw shade to the Suns saying that they did not have what it takes to repeat the same feat this year. Boy, were they wrong!

The Phoenix Suns currently holds the no 1 seed in the Western Conference with a record of 61-14. They are head and shoulders above the rest of the league, displaying their wide array of talent and poise in doing so. Plus they also portrayed their ability to win games without their core players.

The pieces that connect their team

They have the best leader in the NBA at the moment in Chris Paul. They have a lethal scoring machine in Devin Booker who is clutch during the closing minutes of the games. DeAndre Ayton intimidates any player who tries to enter the paint with his size and physicality.

Mikal Bridges has erupted as a two-way player who defends the opponent’s best player and scores consistently on the other end of the floor. Jae Crowder is a reliable 3 and D player. Coach Monty Williams has proven himself as a leader and his in-game adjustments are the reason for the team’s glory.

Their bench players aren’t a scrub either. Cameron Payne continues where Chris Paul leaves by making plays for his teammate and shooting 3s. Cameron Johnson’s beautiful shooting form allows him to make 3’s from anywhere on the court. Javale McGee brings in championship experience and protects the paint. Landry Shamet and Torey Craig continue the suns offence.

Likely title run

The Suns have become such a franchise that it is scary for any team to face them in the Playoffs. Considering their roster availability, the Suns can make a run for the Title. In the 1st round, they have the ability to beat any team among the Lakers, Clippers, Pelicans or Timberwolves.

Going in the 2nd round, they will have to face the Utah Jazz or the Dallas Mavericks. The suns have the ability to beat any of those teams, as the Mavericks still lack a reliable 2nd option and the Jazz have a rough time defending the perimeter.

The Western Conference Finals will be difficult for them if they have to face the Warriors. The Warriors championship experience is a threat to the Suns. With a combined experience of 5 Finals appearances and 3 championships, the Warriors are veterans when it comes to title runs. This might prove a bit difficult for the Suns and the series might take 7 games to decide.

Then reaching the Finals, they have to go through a tough fight if they have to face the Bucks or the Nets. Any other opponent, the Suns will have the ability to win.

This Championship is crucial for the Suns as Chris Paul may as well be on his last legs and this may be his last chance for a title. The next season will see a lot of player movement considering the number of expiring contracts of great players. The Suns have a sense of urgency to deliver a title as they have not achieved this feat yet since the Sun’s inception in the year, 1968.

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