Physical 100 Becomes The Third Most-Watched Show on Netflix After BTS Jungkook’s Livestream

On February 3, 2023, Jungkook went live on the Weverse platform in South Korea. The performer chatted with his followers and watched a variety of Netflix shows, including the reality series Physical 100, while performing a live. The superstar was observed taking pleasure in eating fried chicken and enthusiastically watching the hard survival programme.

The game-entertainment reality programme Physical 100 features a large number of contestants with impressive physiques and powerful bodies. These people compete with one another for who has the finest physique and the most physical power, claiming to be the strongest.

After the idol started viewing Physical 100, more than 10 million real-time viewers of the BTS member continued to do so. The show quickly grew in popularity and rose to the third-most viewed position on Netflix. Fans were ecstatic when they learned about this, and one tweeted:

THE IMPACT OF JUNGKOOK LIVE — ‘60 Chicken’ kept trending at #3 on Baemin which is the most used food delivery app in SK. — Physical 100, the Netflix show Jungkook watched, increased in a massive way the searches on Google. — he got many people wanting chicken That’s JK!

In the first week of February, Physical 100 rose from seventh to third in terms of global Netflix programme viewing after Jungkook’s live performance.

In comparison to the prior week, the show’s hourly views increased by nine million, or dramatically from 22.5 million to 31.3 million. During that week, the programme rose to the position of Netflix’s most watched non-English programme globally.

Jungkook went live again yesterday, giving fans a peek at his workout schedule. Jungkook was wearing his characteristic ensemble, an olive green pair of slacks and a loose-fitting black T-shirt. In the live video, he was joined by his trainer. He was spotted working out vigorously while taking breaks to talk to fans. The almost hour-long live gave spectators plenty of memorable moments to savour.


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