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Phoebe Dynevor To Play The Role Of Late Ceramic Artist Clarice Cliff In New Biopic

Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor will follow her role in Netflix by starring the late British artist Clarice Cliff in the film biopic.

Dynevor, who starred Daphne Bassett nee Bridgerton in Netflix’s biggest show, will play Stoke-born Cliff in Sky’s The Color Room.

‘It’s A Great Honour’

“It’s a great honour to take on such a character.” she said.

Known for her brilliant Art Deco designs from the 1920s, Cliff was one of the UK’s leading artists.

Clarice Cliff in 1929

Dynevor added: “The script is a beautifully written contemporary take on the 20th Century, and I feel proud to be working with such a strong female team, both in front and behind the camera.”

Sky said the film will portray Cliff as a “factory worker” who is “intelligent and aspiring” and “who takes on the most dangerous risks”.

Sky’s Sarah Wright described the artist, who died in 1972, as “a female pioneer who quite literally broke the mould in the English pottery industry”.

The film, directed by Claire McCarthy and written by Claire Peate, will also feature The Iitation Game actor Matthew Goode.

About Clarice Cliff?

Clarice Cliff is now regarded as one of the most important names in the Art Deco movement of the 1920s, but she came from a working family and started in Pottery as a factory worker.

A collection of one hundred teacups by Clarice Cliff went on display at Bonhams in London in 2008

At a time when women rarely had the opportunity to design pottery, she broke through and became a designer whose name was known to the public because her signature was stamped on each of her pieces.

She developed a unique and distinctive style both in the physical shapes of works, like her vases and teapots, and in the decoration with appealing, bright colours in geometric patterns and stylized landscapes.

Her works were popular and affordable, bringing modern style into the homes and kitchens of the less well-off – subsequently, they have become widely collected and highly valued around the world.

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