Pewdiepie’s Response To Mr.Beast’s Hundred Million Subs Achievement

The top YouTuber Pewdiepie has a message for his fellow youtube Mr. Beast who is also a follower of the former. Seems like Mr. Beast is only a few steps away from beating Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie has said that Mr.Beast is really capable of overtaking him. Pewdiepie predicted that MrBeast’ Donaldson will “certainly” eclipse his impressive follower counts when he hits 100 million YouTube subscribers.

Mr.Beast recently hit a new record of finally getting 100 million subscribers on August 1 and celebrated it in his own style.

Pewdiepie is Mr.Beast’s idol and has been gradually following his steps of reaching 100 million subscribers since 2021. Pewdipie currently stands at 111 million subscribers. But, both the Youtubers don’t look at each other as rivals and are on good terms and friendly to each other.

Mr.Beast Vs Pewdiepie

As Mr.Beast reaches 102 subs Pewdiepie fans wanted to know how he felt about his fellow follower reaching 100 million subs. He has reacted how he felt let’s check it out.

Pewdiepie reaction to 100 million subs

Pewdiepie has revealed that following his retirement he has been spending much time focusing on himself and enjoying his ideal time. Youtube has become less priority for him. He’s been spending his time in his new Japan working out and chilling.

He has also revealed that he has been keeping away from his friends and family members, lately and says that it has been difficult for him to stay away from his partner as well.

Even though it may seem like a tough competition between the two YouTubers, Pewdiepie has wished Mr. Beast for his achievement and is happy to pass on his title.

About Mr.Beast

MrBeast, the fourth most popular YouTuber worldwide, has disclosed the enormous financial milestone his MrBeast Burger restaurant franchise has reached in the US.

MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson is one of the YouTubers who started at a young age and was raised to fame very early through her engaging content. The 24-year-old Youtuber has over 80 million subscribers on his main channel Mr. Beast. He is famously known to delight his fans by distributing gifts. His content involves conducting crazy challenges for fans to get involved with him and to start significant charitable initiatives like Team Trees and Team Seas.

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