PewDiePie Unhappy With Rockstar’s Latest GTA Trilogy Remastered

YouTube sensation PewDiePie has finally given his opinion on the latest GTA Trilogy that released on November 11. Just like many other gamers, PewDiePie also did not seem too impressed with Rockstar’s latest release.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has been a revolution in the gaming industry since it came out for the first time. GTa Vice City, San Andreas, GTA III, IV, and V were all hugely successful series of the game. However, the game studio behind developing GTA (Rockstar) has now done it’s first big mistake!

What is the mistake? The latest GTA Trilogy Remastered that they released! The trilogy consists of GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas. The gaming community is majorly of the opinion that the trilogy is poor in quality, incomplete, and does not give out good vibes.

‘They Look Wose’

PewDiePie, after playing the game had a similar opinion. Here is what he said:

“Why does the game look old there? I thought remakes were supposed to make them look good, right? They look worse, how is that even possible?… This is like Cyberpunk all over again – it doesn’t matter what game you’re selling, it’s what hype you’re selling.”

PewDiePie also commented on the ‘giant game studios’ who have a lot to learn and not mess up with their new game releases. He expressed unhappiness and disappointment in Rockstar for releasing a very poor GTA Trilogy that did not meet the expectations of gamers.

You’d think these big companies would learn at some point. Like these giant game studios would understand: ‘we see all these competitors messing up their releases and dishing out poor quality products’… I thought Rockstar was above it.”

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