PewDiePie Shares Life Update About Moving To His New House In Japan

PewDiePie is the most subscribed independed YouTubers on the planet. He is well-known for his energetic videos in which he does a whole different bunch of things.

In 2019, the YouTuber revealed to his fans that he had purchased a new property in Japan and is planning to move there. However, that plan has still not materialized. And now PewDiePie has shared a life-update about moving to his new house in Japan.

‘Why Am I Still Here’

The Swedish YouTuber has been based in the United Kingdom for quite some time now and while his move to Japan has been delayed by over two years, there are genuine reasons for that.

In his latest video titled ‘Why am I still here’, PewDiePie explained why he has not been able to shift overseas just yet.

The major reason behind this delay is the coronavirus pandemic. The country of Japan has shut international borders which made it difficult for PewDiePie to move there.

What Did PewDiePie Say?

“Even just making the choice to move there was really difficult,” he admitted. “We obviously would be leaving everything that we built here behind, all these amazing friends, but we just felt like we really wanted to take on this adventure while we’re still young.”

However, during the video he also admitted that he feels like “someone well off who’s complaining about how [the virus] is affecting them.”

“I’m almost sorry for even making this video,” he added. “It just feels super lame. I don’t like talking about this. It feels like I’m complaining and I feel entitled.”

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