PewDiePie Says He Is Getting ‘Tired’ Of YouTube Now

YouTube sensation PewDiePie is one of the most subscribed individual content creators on YouTube. However, being at the top of the pyramid, there are concerns about PewDiePie’s videos not fetching enough views.

In the recent past, his content has been going down in terms of views and the growth of his channel has also taken a hit. At one point in 2019, PewDiePie was battling to maintain his position as the most subscribed channel on YouTube against Indian music label T-Series.

Today, T-Series has far overtaken the Swedish YouTuber and also recently hit the 200 million subscribers mark becoming the first ever YouTube channel is history to do so!

In one of his latest videos, PewDiePie addressed the fan concerns about his videos not amassing as many views as more. The YouTuber also explained that he doesn’t care about the views anymore and considers himself as ‘retired’.

‘I’m Only Doing YouTube Videos For Fun Now’

PewDiePie told his viewers that he is doing YouTube ‘just for fun’ now!

I’ve said it before,” he began after one worried fan raised the question. “I’ve considered myself retired for like a year now. I’m only doing YouTube videos for fun now.”

“This channel is so hyper-inflated by the T-Series rivalry, so it’s not like they’re all my dedicated fans anyway. And then, I’m doing what I like doing. People have always put me in a box, and I think that’s the big problem here. I’m doing what I like, and that means that people will stop watching me.

‘Getting Tired Of It’

“Honestly,” he continued, “I’m kind of getting tired of it. I’m just trying to have fun, and people say ‘I wish he was like he was five years ago!’ That’s not what I want to do. Years ago I did horror, and when I stopped my views dropped then.

“I’m allowed to change. I stopped worrying about if people were watching, and started making things I wanted,” he said. “It’s normal to change.”

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