PewDiePie Reacts To Twitch Streamers Moving To YouTube

The giant of streaming Twitch has been losing it’s top talent by the hour lately. And where are all the top streamers of Twitch going? Well, to the competitor YouTube Gaming.

YouTube Gaming has been successful in poaching some of the most famous and well-known streamers of Twitch including DrDisrespect, TimTheTatman, and Dr Lupo. Most recently, even Ludwig announced his decision to quit Twitch and join YouTube Gaming.

Ludwig Moves To YouTube

However, Ludwig’s move to YouTube has not been as simple since he got banned on the platform just two days after arriving. He has also picked up a beef with fellow streamer DrDisrespect and offered $1 million challenge to him to find out who the better gamer was.

Apart from all this, the rising trend of streamers leaving from twitch raises some concerns. And PewDiePie has now given his two cents on the situation.

What Did PewDiePie Say?

PewDiePie is the most subscribed individual YouTube creator on the planet. Having over 110 million subscribers, he is the ideal person to share what he feels about the Twitch streamers shifting over to YouTube, the platform that he is regarded as the king of.

“A lot of creators getting paid to stream on YouTube lately,” PewDiePie received a comment on his chat stream which he read out loud.

“Nice! Get paid! Get that cash. Good for them. I’m glad they’re able to do it.”

“I was a little cautious, because I… you know what, I don’t need to talk about my deal,” he continued. “It doesn’t matter. I’m very happy. … I’ll tell you all about my experience in due time.”

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