Petition For Emilia Clarke Replacing Amber Heard Gains Support After Deepfake Video

Petition For Emilia Clarke Replacing Amber Heard Gains Support After Deepfake Video

There is no doubt that fans love Emilia Clarke and she has been one of their favourite choices for Mera since early 2020. This is likely because of Jason Momoa and Emilia’s chemistry, which was witnessed by fans in Game of Thrones.

In June 2021, James Wan had shared that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has begun production. This news received immense backlash on Twitter because Amber Heard was returning as Mera in the sequel. The actress has been in the middle of controversies due to her alleged domestic abuse towards Johnny Depp.

There were many tweets asking the film to be boycotted ever since early 2020. Multiple petitions also have been in place to replace Amber as Mera. This mess began back when the actress accused Johnny of abusing and assaulting her. There was a long and ongoing lawsuit that had Johnny losing out on many important roles in multiple franchises.

People on the internet were divided, however, after phone recordings were released, the story changed. Amber admitted on the call that she hit Johnny. This did not go down well with fans as they called out Warner Bros. for removing Johnny as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3.

Presently, the fan campaigns have seen new traction as Youtuber Stryder HD uploaded a realistic Deepfake video of Emilia as Mera. Possibly because of the new video, the petition requesting the Game of Thrones star to replace Amber has gained more support.

This further resulted in new Twitter chatter from fans supporting the need for Clarke to replace Heard. Just last week, Emilia confirmed on the Jimmy Fallon show that she will be a part of the upcoming Marvel Disney+ show, Secret Invasion. Despite the efforts from fans, Emilia is yet to be considered for the casting as Mera. Another petition which was created solely to remove Amber from the role has already garnered over 18 lakh signatures.

Supporters of Johnny Depp and DC fans have some hope for the potential replacement. The previous movie grossed over $1.1 Billion (Worldwide), and Warner Bros. would have expectations of the sequel surpassing that, which is now at risk due to the threats of a possible boycott. Do you also want Emilia Clarke to replace Amber Heard as Mera in the upcoming Aquaman sequel? Comment down below.

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