Peter Parker in Loki’s TVA, as depicted in Spider-Man 3 art News

Peter Parker in Loki’s TVA, as depicted in Spider-Man 3 art

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Time icon June 21, 2021

In new Spider-Man: No Way Home fan art, the TVA from Marvel’s new Disney+ series Loki arrests Peter Parker. In Tom Hiddleston’s ongoing series, the God of Mischief collaborates with Agent Mobius M. Mobius of the Time Variance Authority, albeit reluctantly. Despite being new to the MCU, the organisation appears to have been there for quite some time, controlling what happens in the Sacred Timeline and ensuring that it stays on track.

Throughout Phase 4, Marvel Studios is slated to create the universe, with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness likely to confront it explicitly. WandaVision was supposed to establish the groundwork for the concept, but the first MCU TV show ended up being a more character-driven endeavour centred on Scarlet Witch’s loss and trauma.

Loki is now more clearly putting it up, thanks to the bombing of the Sacred Timeline in episode 2, which created many branches. With the film supposed to be a live-action depiction of the SpiderVerse, Jon Watts’ upcoming Spider: Man: No Way Home is expected to play a role in the franchise’s efforts to establish the idea of the Multiverse.

Given this, it’s expected that Peter Parker will travel through numerous dimensions, and if this doesn’t mesh with what the Timekeepers have chosen, he could be jailed by the TVA, according to Loki. spdrmnkyxxiii imagines what it would be like if Spider-Man was also arrested by the Time Variance Authority, inspired by the God of Mischief’s experience in his ongoing show. Take a look at the following:

The concern remains, though, what state the TVA will be in after Loki’s activities are completed. As it stands, the God of Mischief has questioned the Timekeepers, the organization’s designers, and it’s not impossible that the trickster is on to something, especially given Mobius’ inability to answer even the most basic queries. As a result, the Timekeepers may no longer exist by the time Spider-Man: No Way Home takes place.

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