Peter Jackson Seriously Considered Hypnosis To Experience Lord Of The Rings For The First Time

To watch a film for the first time as an audience is a blessing, indeed! Peter Jackson proved it to be right as he also feels the same about this.

Peter Jackson has made many well-known movies of different Franchises may it be the Hobbit or The Lord of The Rings. He was the creator of the trilogy of both franchises. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he reveals that he “seriously considered” Hypnosis to not remember all the great films like Lord of The Rings he made so that he can experience the movies for the first time.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy in total earned 17 Oscars for their works in different categories out of 30 nominations. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Peter Jackson said, ” When we did the Lord of the Rings movies, I always felt I was the unlucky person who never got to see them as a coming-out-of-the-blue film. By the time they were screening, I was immersed in it for five or six years.”

Peter Jackson wanted to have that unspoiled movie experience, as most of his years were gone making them and he never got that first-time feel. That’s why he considered opting for hypnosis so that he can forget his oscar-worthy work and enjoy watching the movies just like the audience.

He further adds, ” It was such a loss for me not to be able to see them like everyone else. I actually did seriously consider going to some hypnotherapy guy to hypnotize me to make me forget about the films and the work I had done over the last six or seven years so I could sit and enjoy them.”

Peter also said that he really talked to a British mentalist named Derren Brown about getting hypnotized and the mentalist really thought he could do hypnotherapy to make him forget all. But Peter Jackson didn’t really do it.

Peter Jackson Ghosted By Amazon Studios Lord Of The Rings Team

Amazon Studios is now making a web series on the Lord of the Rings which will release on September 2, 2022. As the trilogy director, Peter Jackson revealed in a chat with The Hollywood Reporter that he & Fran Walsh were asked by Amazon studios if they want to get involved in the new series.

Peter further says, “That’s an impossible question to answer without seeing the script.” So Amazon Studios said to both of them they will be sending the first couple of scripts as soon as they get them. But the director never received it.

He adds saying, ” The scripts never showed up. That’s the last thing I heard, which is fine. No complaints at all.” The director had no grudges for the studio and they just let it go.

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