Performance Coach Keyen Lage Leverages His Popular Podcasts and Reaches Out to Thousands of People News

Performance Coach Keyen Lage Leverages His Popular Podcasts and Reaches Out to Thousands of People

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Time icon October 17, 2020

The quote, “Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.” by W. Clement Stone holds true for ex-NFL athlete turned performance coach, Keyen Lage. His journey so far showcases how an incident can transform one’s life and help them find their life’s purpose to achieve success.

Born in 1993 in South Dakota, Lage was passionate about football and made it his goal to become a professional player for the NFL. Fueled with driving ambition, he started his career by playing in a Division 1 college football team. His progress as captain of the team, alongside accomplishing several awards, helped him achieve his dream. He was picked by the Kansas City Chief team for the 2016 NFL season, only for fate to throw a curveball at him. The very same day he was notified of being chosen, he received the devastating news that playing football could leave him paralyzed due to a neck injury.

Hitting rock bottom, Lage soon discovered that the injury would change the course of his life and propel him into the direction that would steer his future. He started visiting a library daily, wherein he stumbled upon the book, The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. The book turned into inspiration, and soon after, he embarked on a journey of becoming a certified holistic nutritionist specializing in habit change, a top personal trainer, and a successful performance coach.

“I learned that fulfillment ultimately does not come from accomplishing massive goals, but from learning to love and enjoy the journey of accomplishing massive goals.” Experiencing self-realization and living an authentic version of himself, Lage has now made it his aim to help people across the globe discover fulfillment within themselves to help achieve their goals. Using podcasts, he has effectively reached thousands of people to spread awareness on leading a positive lifestyle, finding motivation, creating a healthy body with the right nutrition, overcoming obstacles, negativity, and clearing emotional and mental blockages.

At the young age of 26, he has helped top professional athletes, models, and entrepreneurs pivot their lives and reach their true potential. He has also created a science-backed nutrition program, The Total Body Reset, which has helped over 100 people with autoimmune conditions and other chronic diseases find relief.

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