Peacemaker Season 2 Update Featuring John Cena

Peacemaker Season 2 Update Featuring John Cena

Fans of the famous HBO Max series Peacemaker, featuring WWE legend John Cena, will be pleased to know that production on the season 2 has begun. Yes, we did not have to wait much longer to see the actors dancing to Wig Wam’s Do You Want To Taste It? at the start of each episode. The main reason Cena did not announce his attendance at SummerSlam this month during his special 20-year commemorative Raw appearance.

The next season of Peacemaker is set to premiere in 2023. The first season of the series was a huge success on HBO Max. When the final episode debuted, it set the record for the biggest single-day release for an HBO Max Original series, but it was not the first time Cena did break streaming records with content in which he played a major role, as the film Vacation Friends became the most-watched original movie on Hulu during its opening weekend.

Cena described his favourite aspects of the story that cast and show maker, James Gunn, are presenting in an interview when Peacemaker first premiered. I never ever want to tell people what to feel or think when they watch something, but I really like how it touches on a lot of topics like what family means to us, seeking approval from others, how to live your own life, nature vs. nurture, and how we’re brought up, Cena said.

How values we were raised with can alter, and how challenging it is to unwire some things. There’s a lot in there that will be really fun and good to look at throughout the series.


 WWE has gone all out for the 16-time WWE Champion, with social media posts, celebratory merchandise, and even an episode of Raw dedicated to him this past Monday. To cap off the festivities, at the end of July, a special legacy championship inspired by the Doctor of Thuganomics will be available on

Only 500 of these belts will be made available to the public, so fans will need to act quickly if they want to own a John Cena legacy title. The belt alone has 16 jewels covering the centre plate to represent Cena’s 16 world title reigns throughout his career. Each side plate is unique, displaying logos from various phases of Cena’s gimmick.

The center plate spins, as any diehard Cena fan could have predicted given that he made polarizing spinning championship belts out of the WWE Championship and the United States Championship throughout his reigns. The colors are red, white, and blue throughout, a color scheme he’s used for merch before and a nod to Cena’s unwavering support for American troops.


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