Peacemaker BTS Images Show Cast Filming the DC Series’ Intro Dance

Peacemaker BTS Images Show Cast Filming the DC Series’ Intro Dance

James Gunn brightens everyone’s Sunday by providing behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of the opening credits dance performance in Peacemaker. The DCEU’s latest initiative debuted last Thursday, and for the first time, it isn’t a film.

Peacemaker is the widely anticipated sequel to James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, and it follows John Cena as the film’s anti-hero. The series, which covers the Peacemaker’s life following The Suicide Squad, was created, written, and directed by Gunn. Peacemaker has joined up with another squad for a world-saving mission after recovering from his near-fatal wounds.

The first three episodes of HBO Max were only released on Thursday, but there is already plenty to talk about among fans. Peacemaker is clearly not your typical superhero show, with vulgar insults directed at Batman and an unexpected entrance by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). The show’s opening credits, which include the entire cast doing a hilariously choreographed dance sequence to Wig Wam’s “Do Ya Wanna Taste It,” epitomises this. The opening credits dance in Peacemaker was so well received that HBO Max eventually aired it as its own film.

Now that a large number of fans have seen Peacemaker’s first trailer, Gunn has provided everyone with a behind-the-scenes look at how the number was put together. Gunn shared two behind-the-scenes photos on social media, offering viewers a unique perspective on the huge dance sequence. He reminded everyone, “Catch #Peacemaker today on @hbomax!” You can read his post by scrolling down.

Fans can’t help but admire the opening credits

Peacemaker is a brutal killer who assassinated one of The Suicide Squad’s most important characters; so it’s surprising that his solo series begins with a joyful dance sequence. Of all, one of the attractions of Peacemaker is that it reveals unexpected depths to its morally ambiguous protagonist. Fans can’t help but admire the opening credits, which feel so much like Gunn’s usual aesthetic; it’s simply another confirmation that, even though Peacemaker takes place in the DCEU’s tightly controlled environment; Gunn’s creative voice still comes through.

Although the opening dance may be the only routine viewers can see from Peacemaker’s debut season; Gunn remains hopeful that he’ll be able to return for season 2. Nobody knows what that looks like yet, but that’s partly because Peacemaker is still in its infancy. Gunn teased that episode 8 contains some huge surprises that only a few people are aware of; implying that fans should watch the show all the way to the finish to receive the whole experience. Peacemaker isn’t a show that many people will be able to guess, based on the opening credits.

Peacemaker releases new episodes Thursdays on HBO Max.

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