Paul Wight

Paul Wight Will Be The Largest Guest Of Honor In Jericho Cruise History

Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N Wrestling Rager at Sea cruise seemed intended to launch one trip a year, much like a horror film franchise. Since its initial launch in 2019, the Jericho Cruise has set sail on four times. Jericho is now making preparations for the fifth, which will be even larger.

It appears that he is succeeding by securing one of the top wrestlers in the world to serve as the guest of honour on the upcoming ship. The next Jericho Cruise will feature Paul Wight, Jericho officially announced this morning on Twitter. The famous Paul Wight, a multiple World Champion, will be visiting us on board the #FiveAlive, and we are thrilled to announce that he will be the Largest Guest Of Honor in Jericho Cruise history.

While the number of available cabins was reducing, Jericho posted a request for individuals who were debating joining him on his voyage to make their reservations right away. In light of recent trademark news, Jericho’s announcement timed to be fascinating. When he and Wight teamed up in the WWE years ago, they went by the name “Jeri-Show,” for which Jericho just sought a trademark.

Captain Insano

During 2009 and 2010, the pair only spent six months working together, although at that time they held the title of Unified WWE Tag Team Champions. Coincidentally, Wight, who hasn’t competed in almost a year owing to a variety of problems, just said that he should be able to do so shortly. In light of this, a Jeri-Show reunion looks highly probable to occur when the fifth Jericho Cruise departs in early 2024.

Paul Wight made a memorable appearance as pro wrestler Captain Insano in the 1998 smash picture The Waterboy. Captain Insano will now appear on future AEW performances, as per Wight. Tony Khan had gained the rights to the Captain Insano figure, Wight disclosed on The Rob Brown Show, almost a year after AEW originally registered the trademark for the moniker.

Wight stated, “Tony Khan and I have some pretty great stuff coming up in the future that we put together.” “Well, we’ve actually obtained Captain Insano’s rights, so we’re going to break out.” Captain Insano will indeed be released in the next few months, which is why I’ve reduced my in-ring appearances. We’ve been letting that settle while working on the commentary.


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