Paul Walker Once Joked About Making Fast 68 as Old Brian O’Conner

Paul Walker Once Joked About Making Fast 68 as Old Brian O’Conner

Justin Lin, the director of F9: The Fast and Furious Saga, has disclosed that he and the late Paul Walker explored filming a 68th Fast & Furious film, or Fast 68, together at one point. Beginning with The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift in 2006, Lin has directed a total of five films in the immensely successful franchise.

Since 2001, the entire series has generated more than $6 billion globally. Lin is also in talks to helm Fast 10 and 11, which are expected to be the franchise’s final instalments. Walker, a former franchise co-star, played Brian O’Conner in his 2001 hit The Fast and the Furious with Vin Diesel. After then, he appeared in five more Fast & Furious films, the most recent of which was Furious 7. Sadly, the actor died in 2013 before finishing the film, which was eventually released in 2015 with groundbreaking CGI and the actor’s brothers completing his roles.

Lin told Insider that he had been thinking about the franchise’s ultimate conclusion for nearly ten years. He also recalled previous discussions with Walker about the possibilities, with Walker asking, “Well, what would be the final film?” Lin even said that the two had explored launching a separate Fast and Furious project, titled Fast 68, in a completely different genre. He joked that Walker would have played O’Conner as an elderly guy in the intended picture. Here’s what Lin had to say:

“At one point, we were gonna make a short film and it was going to be a comedy,” Lin said of an idea he and Walker tossed around. “It was gonna be ‘Fast 68’ and it was going to be Brian O’Conner with the walker. It was this whole joke. We had the whole thing.”

Walker was recognised for his witty sense of humour

Unfortunately, the short film, which had the potential to be funny, was never made. Meanwhile, work on the Fast and Furious 10 continues, with Universal Pictures already announcing a May 2023 release date. Among the cast members slated to return are franchise star Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson; and Ludacris, to name a few.

However, Dwayne Johnson, a former cast member; has declined to return after Diesel publicly requested Johnson’s return on social media for the next film. Diesel’s mention of Walker’s death in the social media post when he asked for his return drew Johnson’s ire.

Walker was recognised for his witty sense of humour, so a self-aware comedy directed by Lin may have been a hit. However, it’s unclear how such a film would have been disseminated. Its availability as extra content on home video and digital release alongside a film entry, however, was a possibility. Years ago, a blooper gag was produced in which Walker jokingly pretended to be Diesel in a viral video. It symbolises a blown opportunity for Walker to provide a memorable humorous Fast and Furious picture.

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