Patrick Beverley Thinks He and Russell Westbrook Will Be A Success To The Lakers

Skip Bayless recently said that Russell Westbrook would cause problems for the LA Lakers this season. Patrick Beverley has replied to that.

Recently, Bayless posted on Twitter about Beverley and Westbrook getting along on the floor. The Fox Sports commentator has faith that “Pat Bev” would make every effort to resolve the issue, but Westbrook is a different story.

In a tweet, he suggested that Russ would object to Beverley using up his court time.

“PatBev will use every professional effort to make things work out with Russ. But if PB begins stealing Russ’ minutes, Westbrook will once again be PB’s deadliest adversary, despite the spectacle he put on today as PatBev was presented to the media. Not winning is what Russ is all about.”

In response to Bayless, Patrick Beverley supported Russell Westbrook and said:

No, Skip, I think this will work out well.

Beverley appears to have a strong desire to play with the great LA Lakers lineup of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook. Concerns about his comparison to Westbrook have been voiced. Nevertheless, they put up a unified face at Beverley’s first news conference as a member of the Lakers.

Westbrook and head coach Darvin Ham both attended the conference. Patrick Beverley was given a pat on the back by him, and he even threw a towel his way.

Fans went into a frenzy after the LA Lakers’ social media sites shared a photo of the two opposing teams interacting during a practise.

The LA Lakers’ Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook still don’t seem like they belong together on the floor

The league believed that Russell Westbrook would leave soon when the LA Lakers originally acquired Patrick Beverley. In the past, the two had been adversaries and had a contentious relationship. It began back when Westbrook was a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Beverley was a member of the Houston Rockets.

But if the popular news conference recordings from Beverley are any indication, they appear to have set their differences aside. Although that is wonderful news for the Lakers, it is still unclear how he would fit in with Beverley.

Over the past few years, Westbrook has been among the worst long-range shooters. Patrick Beverley recently experienced his worst season ever in 3-point shooting. Last season, he only converted 34.3% of his long-range attempts, which is 3% worse than his career average.

The other players, though, aren’t much more proficient from beyond the arc. Only 18.6% of Anthony Davis’ attempts from beyond the arc last season were successful.

LeBron James, on the other hand, is a mediocre 3-point shooter. Last season, he made an astounding eight attempts per game, converting 34.5% of his long-range shots.

Watching Darvin Ham approach his first season as the LA Lakers’ head coach will be intriguing. It will be difficult for him to lead this club to a strong postseason push considering the squad he has been handed, which is obviously not as well-rounded.

However, if the team’s stars are willing to make the necessary compromises, the Lakers may do better than many people anticipate for them in the upcoming season.


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