Patrick Beverley Takes His Revenge On Russell Westbrook

Patience has finally paid off for Patrick Beverley as he got his revenge on Russell Westbrook. After the Los Angeles Lakers player called out Beverley three years ago (with Russ on the Houston Rockets and Bev in the Los Angeles Clippers), everybody held those words against the defensive specialist. 

Westbrook claimed that Beverley didn’t play defense; he just ran around the court during games. Almost three years later, the now Minnesota Timberwolves player feels the situation is right to retort back against the Los Angeles Lakers struggling star. 

“Forgiven But Not Forgotten Type Of Thing” – Patrick Beverley on Russell Westbrooks Comments

Bev recently joined the ‘Old Man and the Three’ podcast with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter to discuss Russ’ comments and his tweet, suggesting that Russell’s remarks impacted his career. 

Beverley stated that, “I call that perfect timing. Divine timing. You know people looked at me differently? People around the NBA, coaches, players, like after that people were just taking the ball just going at me.

“I’m like, ‘What the f—?’ All because of what one person said, and that’s how the media is. If one person says one thing, that’s how they take it. And they take it just for that. People really looked at it like, ‘Yeah, maybe this motherf—er don’t play defense. The only thing he does is run around.’

“So, obviously, I had one bad game. ‘Oh Russ was right. I knew this motherf—er; the only thing he did is run around and stuff like that.’ You know, it’s no fun when the rabbit gots the gun now.”

“Now I’m over here on the Minnesota Timberwolves, I’m chilling, I’m trying to get out this play-in situation and try to get succeed and you know, it was a real humble tweet. You know, forgiven, but not forgotten type of thing. Perfect time too. Maniac. Patrick Beverley is a maniac. I am, I don’t give a f–k, so what?”

Beverley was indeed criticized by many people after Westbrook’s comments, but he’s worked hard to regain his reputation around the league. 

The T-Wolves have been impressive this year, ranking 7th in the Western Conference standings with a 38-29 record. Bev’s leadership and defense have played a major role in that and the fans in Minnesota are indeed very happy about it. As for Westbrook, he’s been the talk of the town throughout this entire season, and not for the right reasons.

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