Passing of the Torch matches in WWE

WWE has always had top faces representing the company for a long time. The Face of the company can’t remain The Face forever and there comes a time when you have to built a new Face of the company who will carry the company forward. To do so the Face of the company needs to be put down. There have been matches where new stars were built, the new faces were declared and this is what is called as “Passing of The Torch”.

Let’s have a look at some of those big matches-

Shawn Michaels vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

WrestleMania XIV was a turning point for WWE as a company, with Stone Cold Steve Austin emerging as WWE’s top star. Defeating Shawn Michaels with Mike Tyson raising his hand was a moment that put Austin to a different level. Austin winning allowed fans to finally see him as the top star in wrestling, and he certainly made the most of the opportunity.

The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns

At WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker put over Roman Reigns in a match that certainly benefitted The Big Dog. For Roman to be able to confidently say that it was his yard was a big moment for his career. This was still a nod of respect and faith to Roman from arguably the biggest name in WWE history.

Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior

Hulk Hogan still had a lot left in the tank at this point in his career, The Ultimate Warrior was also ready to take off. All he needed was that one big moment, and that came at WrestleMania VI. The Hulkster did the right thing here by losing to him, as this allowed The Ultimate Warrior to be seen in a totally new light. While The Ultimate Warrior didn’t end up having the career that was expected.

The Rock vs John Cena

John Cena was obviously a major star when WrestleMania 29 rolled around. The Rock was The Face of the company in the attitude era and putting over Cena really helped him. It was the one major victory that Cena needed in his career to truly establish him as one of the greats. It was certainly a career highlight for Joh Cena.

Triple H vs Batista

Batista got the torch passed to him at the right time in his career, and it was his mentor and Evolution team-mate that did the job for him. Evolution was created to groom Batista and Randy Orton, and it certainly succeeded in making them two huge stars. Triple H dropping the World Title to Batista at WrestleMania 21 was a big moment, and it created a brand new main event star for years to come.

Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan

One of the most famous match in WWE really helped take Hulk Hogan to brand new levels of fame and popularity. He was a star heading into his collision with Andre The Giant, but the power slam and Leg Drop sent him to new heights. Hulkamania was truly running wild after this epic clash of the titans, and Andre certainly did the business that night in putting Hogan over, passing the torch to him in the process.

Hulk Hogan vs The Rock

The greatest example of a wrestler passing the torch came at WrestleMania X8 when Hulk Hogan competed against The Rock . While The Rock was already a big name at this point, the victory over Hogan in front of such an incredible crowd made him seem like ‘the guy.’ Hogan was at his very best within this match and both men worked hard to put together a classic, which has gone down in history as one of the best matches ever. It was a true clash of titans that established The Rock as a legend.

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