Pascal Wilpers offers recommendations on whether you should pursue your passion

Warring opinions have always been a source of great confusion for many people. On so many forums, publications, studies, and blogs, the clearly stressed message is for people to follow their passion. This has been the message for a long time. But now, some have questioned this direction, begging the question: should you follow or unfollow your passion?

According to Pascal Wilpers, this is a complex situation because each scenario has its merits and demerits. “For one, the message of following your passion has presumed that everyone has a single defining passion that is easily identifiable. On the other hand, unfollowing your passion would leave you at a loss, trying to figure out what to pursue,” he explains.

The question is not whether to follow or unfollow your passion; it is rather how you should follow your passion. Many people have mistaken fleeting interests for their passions, and since they’ve been told to stick to their passions, they end up stuck in a path they eventually lose the spark for. 

Pascal Wilpers recommends that you keep an open mind when it comes to the notion of following your passion. It doesn’t mean following the first thing you stumble on; it means that you should work on meaningful projects. He/she further explains that passions are not pre-formed and waiting to be discovered; you cultivate your passions and interests over time.

Many of those who subscribe to the “unfollow your passion” belief are people who see the presumption behind the statement. Pascal Wilpers says that the motivational implication of asking people to follow their passion encourages a fixed mindset. The pursuit of your passion should not be about closing your mind off to other possibilities. That is why it is prudent to keep learning and growing.

On whether to follow or unfollow your passion, Pascal Wilpers’s final word is that passion is the basis of success and fulfillment. Thus, it is essential to explore the extents of your passions while fostering a growth mindset. “Don’t narrow your focus by confining yourself to one path,” he concludes.


Akhil is a Special Correspondent of Clout news. Covers Administration, Crime, Hollywood and Politics.