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Part 2 of Lupin Deepens Assane’s Worst Plot-Hole

While Lupin Part 2 confirmed that Omar Sy’s gentleman thief is a genius-level genius capable of constructing complex plans while staying three steps ahead of his adversaries, it also amplified a plot hole from Part 1. Because, in effect, the more the Netflix show emphasises Assane’s genius, the more it emphasises his most severe – and out of character – mistake.

Following the cliffhanger ending of Lupin Part 1, Part 2 of the hugely popular French-made show threw Assane Diop and his small inner circle of collaborators and loved ones into even more stress. Even as his mechanisms of defence are demolished, the action picks up, the threat to Assane becomes more evident, and the web of lies around him becomes more intense and complicated.

Master Hacker

The master hacker, manipulator, and anti-hero amateur investigator was dragged out of his hiding place and crowned Paris’ most wanted man, rather than being able to operate under the cover of secrecy and disguise.

For a number of very outspoken fans, the VHS issue was Lupin Part 1’s largest and most irritating issue. In episode four, Assane finds down journalist Fabienne Beriot and obtains crucial evidence regarding Hervé Pierre’s criminal overlord, including a recording with damaging proof. Assane takes it to a TV station and disguises himself to try to bring Pellegrini down, but the evidence is destroyed by the corrupt TV show anchor in Pellegrini’s pocket.

It’s impossible to believe that Assane failed to back up a simple VHS tape when everything else in the series points to him being a master manipulator of every circumstance with near-infinite resources. In fact, the increased complications of Part 2 add to the problem.

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