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Paris Jackson’s Jesus Movie Role Sparks Petitions to Block Film

Paris Jackson was going to play the role of Jesus in an upcoming film but looks like people are not happy about it.

Paris Jackson was set to play the role of Jesus by director Janelle Shirtcliff. But people are set out to block the film altogether. It was reported in April that Paris will play the role of Jesus in the movie called, ‘Habit’. Paris will share the screen alongside various other actors namely Gavin Rossdale and Bella Thorne.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bella Thorne was going to play “a street-smart girl with a Jesus fetish.” She also “masquerades as a nun while trying to escape the consequences of a violent drug deal.”

The movie had been shot completely and it was ascending towards the post-production stage. Producer Donovan Leitch previously told Fox News that the character of Jesus will visit Bella Thorne’s character a few times.

Even before the film is completely set, there is already a lot of controversy around it. The people have voiced out their objection in terms of a petition in changeorg. “Prevent the distribution of the film ‘Habit,'” is the title of the petition. The petition was just launched a week ago and it already has almost 270,874 signatures of its 300,000 goal. 


The description mentions that the movie is blasphemous and it encourages the wrong ideas about Christianity. It also mentions to wake people up “to the Christianophobic garbage that is spread nowadays, but is somehow accepted and praised by society.”

The petition also states that Jesus is depicted by a lesbian woman in the movie. It also states that it means Paris is playing the role of “lesbian Jesus”. Paris recently came out as gay. Meanwhile the sexual orientation of the character Jesus in the movie is still unclear.

A second petition is also created to Elevated Films from One Million Moms against the movie. This petition has more than 70,000 signatures so far. While Paris herself has not made a comment, Bella Thorne has took to her social media to express her disbelief. She wrote on her Instagram story saying, “Because Jesus is a woman…wowowowowowo.”

Musicians Josie Ho, Gavin Rossdale, Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart also appear in the film, along with model Andreja Pejic. The movie still has no release date.

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, has had a few roles in the industry. She appeared in several episodes of the series Star. Jackson also appeared in the film Gringo and in a music video for the song Rescue Me. She is also following her father’s path by joining a band. Jackson is a part of the band called Sunflowers which makes folk-rock music, according to Billboard.

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