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Paresh Rawal Shuts Down His Death Hoaxes On Social Media With A Witty Response

Actor Paresh Rawal has become Bollywood’s latest celebrity victim of death rumors.

The actor on Friday took to Twitter to trash the claim that he was dead. You will be intrigued by the clever and funny answer by the veteran actor.

What Did Paresh Rawal Say?

The actor saw a fake tweet on Twitter saying that he had died Friday morning at 7 p.m. Responding to it, the actor wrote, “…Sorry for the misunderstanding as I slept past 7 am…!”

In March this year, Paresh confirmed on social media that he had been diagnosed with coronavirus, days after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with COVID-19. All those who have contacted me in the last 10 days are asked to test themselves,” the actor wrote.

Death Hoaxes In Bollywood

A death hoax is a deliberate report of someone’s death that is later proven to be untrue. In some cases it might be because the person has intentionally faked death.

Prior to Paresh Rawal, many celebrities such as Lucky Ali, Mukesh Khanna, Kirron Kher and others have also been victims of viral hoaxes on social media in the past.

What About Hera Pheri 3?

Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty has been a part of the Hera Pheri franchise, which has been a cult hit amongst the audience!

The Hera Pheri franchise has always been a hit amongst the audience. Both the parts were simply loved by the people and they are eagerly waiting for Hera Pheri 3. While earlier there were reports on the film being on the making cards, it now seems that the film is on hold.

Suniel Shetty has revealed that the team need to sort some differences before they can work on the film. He told Mumbai Mirror, “Everything is on hold for now. The film’s team intends to make Hera Pheri 3, but some differences need to be ironed out. The film is a big hit on television as well as in the meme world. And we are all aware of the anticipation among the audience for the film.”

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