Pamela Anderson Files Divorce From Her Fourth Husband, Know More

The Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson recently filed for divorce from her fourth husband, Dan Hayhurst. It’s over between them after one year of marriage.

The 54 years old actress filed for divorce reportedly on January 20. She plans to end her short marriage in her native Canada where they were living together since December 2020. Likewise, it is also said that Pamela Anderson and Dan relationship was more of a pandemic whirlwind. That sadly fizzled out.

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The couple know each other since early 2020. Pamela met Dan Hayhurst while he was working as the actress’s bodyguard. Meanwhile, she was splitting from Jon peters. Their working relationship eventually blossomed into an epic romance after spending tons of time together during quarantine. “This one year together has felt like seven – like dog years,” Pamela joked in an interview after their wedding. She added that they “fell head over heels with each other,” and that it was ‘a natural fit’.

Indeed, the couple got hitched in a private ceremony at Pamela’s Vancouver Island home on Christmas Eve 2020. Later her marriage to Dan Hayhurst, she said to one of the leading papers that she was married on her property. The property that brought her grandparents and parents together for more than 25 years.

Dan Hayhurst was Pamela Anderson’s fourth husband. She famously married to Motley crue rocker Tommy Lee in 1995. They split in 1998, after 3 years of marriage. They had two sons together.

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