Pakistan’s Most Loved Young Singer Umair Awan Back With A New Song ‘Hasdi Haan’

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence. If it is the art, Umair Awan is the master artist!

Umair says, “Since childhood, I was fascinated by the idea of singing. It excited me very much and as a commoner, I was a bathroom singer (laughs). Jokes apart, I loved to lend my voice and create my own compositions since childhood.”

The native of Muzaffarabad ‘Umair Awan’ is coming back to rule on the hearts of the masses with a solid banger featuring famous TikTok Star Nadeen Nani Wala along with some other well-known names of the industry.

The song titled ‘Hasdi Haan’ is set to release as the stars wrap up the shooting and begin promotions. Fans are all ears to listen to the next big hit of Rawan.

All the TikTok fans get ready as a new song featuring your favorite TikTok star Rebecca Khan is all set to release soon.

Umair Awan has been the household name loved by everyone during the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic. Adults to children, he’s got everyone talking about him. Till date, he has sung many famous songs. To name a few, TikTok Billo, Teri Yaadien, Adhoura and Changi Lagi top the list.

Umair Awan

Umair’s passion for composing lovable and melodious tracks that capture the listener’s attention-to-soul is unparalleled. The talented singer believes that if one has got the right company, there is a way to immense growth.

His recent superhit ‘Cute Jehi Look’ went on to amass over 10 million views on YouTube.

With his consecutive stellar performances, fans are eager to rock on the beats of his upcoming song ‘Hasdi Haan’.

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