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Pakistanis On Social Media Reacted To Noman Ijaz ‘Bold’ Comments

There is a growing consensus among people that cheating between relationships is soaring day by day. Following this, people on social media share their betrayal stories often under mee too hashtag. Recently, actor Noman Ijaz admitted on a TV show that he cheats on her wife. To which, people reacted quite harshly,

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The actor said during an interview with Iffat Omar, “I cheat on my wife and she does not know about it.”

He said, “I fall in love with those girls who are beautiful from inside and outside.” He added, “I am such an intelligent man and actor that my wife could not able to know about these things.” Furthermore, he said, “The men of other women do not know what they are doing and an artist can do it easily.”

He further stated, “I know the art of keeping secrets even with the wives of other people.” The host asked does the husband of those girls get to know about your affairs? To which he said, “no!” Reciprocally, the host Iffat Omar said, “Oh Wow I need to learn few things from you.”

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Noman Ijaz on the #MeToo Movement

Ironically, the actor who once judged wrong by the media said, he calls “Beti” or “Betta” to younger girls. He said, Me Too movement is dangerous, people are using it as a weapon (to defame others). He said, “Mee too movement is happening due to aloofness from Deen.” (ye sab deen se durri ki wajah se hora ha).

The whole episode of Nouman Ijaz stirred a debate on social media under the Me too hashtag. Here’s how people on social media reacting towards Noman assertions!

” Pakistani men are just work of art”

To conclude, the comments of the famous actor Noman Ijaz are quite paradoxical. At one end he says that he cheats at another end he said that me to is due to aloofness from Deen. Furthermore, people are reacting heavily against the actor due to admitting cheating and then bringing Deen into mee too movement.

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Noman Ijaz is a Pakistani television and film actor as well as a TV anchorperson and TV show presenter. Active since 1988, he has played several roles and has been a senior actor on state Television PTV.

Noman Ijaz Early life:

Noman Ijaz grew up in Icchra town, Lahore. His father worked in a movie theatre as a manager. He started his education at Cathedral High School, Lahore. Later he attended Divisional Public School, Model Town, Lahore. He completed his education from Forman Christian College and did Law from Punjab University. He started his acting career in a small appearance in a drama serial in 1988.

Noman Ijaz Career:

Noman Ijaz began his acting career with PTV with a short appearance in the direction of Pakistani TV director Nusrat Thakur. He then did a TV serial from PTV Quetta Centre. He then appeared in many different roles, including negative roles in the dramas Rihaee and Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi.

He then appeared in film Ramchand Pakistani (2008) where he romanced Nandita Das. Noman Ijaz hosted a TV comedy show on PTV Home. In 2012, Noman Ijaz received a Pride of Performance award from the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari.

In 2014, he hosted a TV comedy show called Mazaaq Raat on Dunya news .

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