Paige might return from retirement

Paige has been out of the ring since 2018 due to a neck injury, but during the past year, she has teased a comeback. It is uncertain if she has received a medical clearance to resume wrestling. After calling her a dream opponent, top AEW standout Britt Baker has indicated interest in taking on Saraya (aka Paige).

While the news of Vince McMahon‘s retirement is still making waves throughout the wrestling community, it is always encouraging to see one zebra whose stripes remain the same. Think he’ll do my podcast? Wondered Renee Paquette, another former WWE employee, as Saraya (formerly known as Paige in the company), turned to twitter to respond. Saraya then said, “Dare I say… goes all elite?” Now we have the possibility of Paige to go to AEW.

Legacy in WWE

The WWE and Paige parted ways on July 7, 2022. Following her departure from the company, the retiring star received a ton of notes from the WWE Universe and other wrestlers. Paige had an iconic run in the company but only for a short duration. She made her debut in 2014 on WWE RAW right after WrestleMania 30, where she defeated AJ Lee and became the youngest Divas Champion, cementing her name in WWE’s history, plus she is the only female wrestler to hold both Divas title and the NXT Women’s title at the same time. When Paige was hurt during an exhibition match in late 2017, her time on the main roster came to an end. Following WrestleMania 34, she made her professional wrestling retirement announcement during a touching promo on RAW. Fighting with My Family, a feature film depicting her road to stardom was also filmed and released in 2019.

Possible Return?

In a recent interview, AEW wrestler Britt Baker talked about how much she admires Paige and how she would love to face the former WWE star. All Elite Wrestling would be a suitable fit for the former WWE superstar. On the possibility of Paige joining AEW, Baker was questioned. The former AEW Women’s World Champion responded by stating categorically that “The Anti-Diva” is her ideal adversary. In addition, Baker mentioned that Paige would prefer to remain ringside if she did decide to make a comeback. Then Paige replied to a tweet from the person who expressed their interest in seeing “The Role Model” compete against the former WWE superstar. Adding, “Sign me up,” she said. This could be hinting towards a comeback maybe, as we have seen in the past where many retired wrestlers facing career-end injuries have come back. For example as we can see Christian Cage or Bryan Danielson, both of them had severe injuries which prevented them to compete, thus leading to an early retirement. They are now enjoying a brilliant comeback run with AEW. It was a surprise to see such a comment coming from Paige. Even Britt Baker might me thrilled or getting ready for the epic dream match? We will find out once it’s officially announced.

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