Ozark Characters Who Will Win Or Lose Squid Games

Ozark Characters Who Will Win Or Lose Squid Games

The characters in Netflix’s Ozark are professionals in money laundering and murder, but who among them has what it takes to survive and take home the prize in Squid Game?

It’s easy to see the smart Ozark characters competing in the hazardous tournament, given that they’re used to living perilous lives filled with crime and death. The characters must be tough, brave, and highly cunning in order to survive each devastating round. To make it out as Gi-hun did, it takes a lot of preparation and a little luck, and people like Ben and Charlotte might not be that lucky.

Ben Davis

Ben is one of Ozark’s best supporting characters, but he’d be one of the first to perish in Squid Game. Fans know how easily he becomes overwhelmed when things around him become chaotic, which is a terrible trait to bring into such a dangerous competition.

During the first round of red light, green light, the fan favourite would most certainly lose his cool, which would result in him being shot in an instant. He’d only be able to survive if he was motivated to defend Ruth; else, he’d be removed in a hurry.

Charlotte Byrde

Charlotte has every right to desire to flee the Ozarks because she can’t abide her new position and is having problems adjusting to her new existence. In contrast to her world, where she can hire a lawyer and seek emancipation from her parents, she will have no choice once she accepts the Squid Game contract.

Charlotte has proved she can be stealthy on occasion, such as when she steals cartel money and hides it, but this isn’t a trait that will help her win the deadly competition. She might be able to sneak around like Sae-byeok and learn about upcoming games, but without the brains, strength, and strategy to back it up, she’d be eliminated far sooner than other players.

Omar Navarro

The nasty Navarro may be expected to go far in Squid Game, but Deok-su is his unambiguous opponent in the series. He’s an arrogant man who can persuade people to fulfil his will, which may help him in the competition for a time.

Navarro would very certainly survive the rioting and tug-of-war with his team, but he lacks the brains and strategic thinking required for marbles and dalgona rounds. He’d also be targeted by other players who realise they don’t have to be bossed around in a life-or-death situation.

Jonah Byrde

Despite the fact that Jonah is the show’s youngest character, he has proven that he is capable of far more than what others may think of him. He’s a quick study, as proven by his ability to pick up weaponry quickly and even launder money.

In Squid Game, he’s still at a disadvantage due to his age and lack of power, but he’d likely make it through any rounds requiring a high level of knowledge. Jonah would be one of the first to notice that players can lick their way through the dalgona sweets, and he’d also devise a smart strategy for winning the marbles around.

Buddy Dieker

Buddy’s tangled past and mob experience would likely come in helpful in the deadly race. Fans may recall how Marty and Wendy frequently seek his assistance, demonstrating his intelligence and strategy.

Buddy’s physical condition will, of course, influence how far he can go in Squid Game. Players might utilise his health against him, similar to how Gi-hun used Il-nam’s in the marbles round to beat him. Buddy could die in a similar terrible manner, but only if he survives a few rounds first.

Darlene Snell

Darlene would undoubtedly do unspeakable things to gain an advantage in the deadly competition. She, like Sang-woo, is unconcerned about who she has to kill if it means she will live another day. She’s fierce, forceful, and even cunning at times.

Darlene’s biggest flaw, though, is an unlucky one to have in Squid Game. Her irresponsibility will almost certainly ensure that she never makes it to the final round. In the glass stepping stones stage, she may become overconfident or even brazen, resulting in injury during the riots.

Ruth Langmore

Ruth is a courageous character who never gives up in a fight. She’s a fiery, ambitious, and powerful woman, all of which are desirable qualities in the twisted competition. Ruth is known for murdering anyone who gets in her way, so the marbles round wouldn’t bother her in the least (unless she’s teamed with Ben).

Ruth’s primary flaw in the competition would be her abrasive demeanour. She’d be similar to Mi-nyeo, who is frequently rejected by players when they join groupings. While this would keep her out of the marbles round, it would be bad news for tug-of-war and riots.

Helen Pierce

Helen does more than exercise her trade as a lawyer for the Navarro cartel. To keep her members in line, she orders deaths, tortures them, and intimidates them. She’s smart and strategic, as well as brutal, which will help her in the Squid Game.

Helen is also incredibly cautious, since she is able to keep the nature of her employment from her family and never becomes attached to the Byrdes. She would most likely not trip in red or green light and would be laser-focused for the remainder of the rounds. Wendy would kill her before the end, just as Sang-woo kills Sae-byeok before the end.

Marty Byrde

Marty may be one of Ozark’s most beloved characters, but he’ll never be able to defeat Wendy in the Squid Game. When they work together, they’re unstoppable, but when they’re apart, the audience gets to see what they’re made of.

Marty’s greatest strength is his ability to think strategically and control his emotions. He’d never allow the fear of dying in the competition get the best of him since he’d be too preoccupied with attempting to win the round. He’d be smart like Sang-woo, but not as ruthless, which means he’d lose out in the end to his more talented wife.

Wendy Byrde

Wendy is without a doubt the most likely winner among the Ozark characters. She’s astute, shrewd, and ruthless, and she’ll go to any length to gain more authority and fuel her ambition.

In games like tug-of-war and the marbles round, the courageous competitor would fly through the rounds without breaking a sweat, likely coming up with creative answers with Marty. When it comes to the finale, she won’t hesitate to eliminate Marty because she doesn’t want to waste all of her hard work for a relationship.

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