Outer Banks Season 2 Trailer: The Pogues Reunite to Continue Their Treasure Hunt News

Outer Banks Season 2 Trailer: The Pogues Reunite to Continue Their Treasure Hunt

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Time icon July 15, 2021

The Pogues’ treasure search takes a tropical turn in a new teaser for Outer Banks season 2, which was released by Netflix. Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke created the action-adventure series, which premiered in 2020 and followed a bunch of misfit teenagers as they navigated loves, rivalries, and lots of adventure on the beautiful scenes of North Carolina islands.

The plot follows John B (Chase Stokes) and his friends, called the Pogues, as they search for a $400 million hidden golden treasure. And the quest is personal for him, as it was the hunt that led to his father’s sudden (and previously mysterious) death.

First Season

To say the least, season one ended on a cliffhanger. Sarah’s father/antagonist Ward (Charles Esten) allegedly transferred the golden treasure to the Bahamas, where starcrossed lovers John B and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) departed the OBX on a ship bound for the Bahamas.

The two appear to have died in the turbulent waters while pursuing not only the wealth but also evading police, as John B. was falsely accused of murdering the local sheriff. And JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey), and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) of the Pogues are left to grieve the deaths of their friends.

Season 2 Official Trailer

Given the first season’s success, Netflix quickly renewed Outer Banks for a second season, which will release on July 30. Netflix has recently released a new action-packed video, indicating that the treasure search is far from done. As John B and Sarah’s overturned boat floats at sea, the trailer opens with a lot of anxiety.

Despite this, the two manage to make it to the Bahamas. While there, the pair continues their search while also attempting to evade detection by the authorities and attempting to clear John B.’s name. “Please don’t do anything dumb; we’re fugitives in a foreign country,” Sarah begs John B.

The new Outer Banks video also introduces spectators to Elizabeth Mitchell’s scary new character Limbrey. While she is only present for a brief while, she informs Pope that “Ward is not the only one who has double-crossed.”

Given the first season’s success, Netflix is clearly attempting to increase the suspense factor in the second season, as the hunt for gold increases tensions in all areas. It also maintains Ward’s intriguing role as the chief villain of Outer Banks, which his own daughter is attempting to undermine.

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