Otto Hightower House of the Dragon's Littlefinger? Fans Annoyed With King's Hand

Otto Hightower House of the Dragon’s Littlefinger? Fans Annoyed With King’s Hand

Game of Thrones fans will surely remember Lord Petyr, played by Aidan Gillen. Or you might remember him as Littlefinger in Game of Thrones. His games, manipulation, and betrayal are all unforgettable.

Well, as per fans, now House of the Dragon also has its own Petyr Baelish. It is the character Ser Otto Hightower aka the King’s Hand. In the series of Game of Thrones, the character was responsible for the start of the war to the Iron Throne.

He was the one who planned and helped the Lannisters overthrow both the Baratheons and the Starks. However, this was only to fulfill his motive to gain control over the North where Catelyn Stark, Ned Stark’s wife resided. Baelish then married off Stark’s daughter Sansa to Lord Bolton.

She later became Queen of Winterfell. Fans were ecstatic when Arya Stark slit his throat and put an end to his schemes. We did not expect any less from GOT’s prequel, House of the Dragon either as the new Littlefinger emerges.

Otto Hightower seems more ruthless in certain ways than Baelish. Only three episodes in and he has already turned King Viserys I against his brother, Prince Daemon Targaryen.

As he is the Hand of the King, Otto dethroned Daemon’s claim to the Iron Throne and bounced him around from being Master of the Law to Master of Coin and later on to head of the City Watch. But the Prince runs a riot with his “gold cloaks”.

A user scream-typed asking Otto to shut up

Daemon seemed to have seen right through Otto as the King’s Hand tried his best to keep Daemon away from the Throne. By the end of the first episode itself, viewers knew that Otto’s ulterior motives were far greater. He asked his daughter Alicent to be the King’s shoulder to cry after his Queen died along with his newborn son.

Fans described Otto as an idiot for “p******g” his daughter around. Now even in the latest episode, Otto is seen suggesting to the King to marry Rhaenrya off to the King’s son, the two-year-old. The new Littlefinger seems to know that the Iron Throne can only have one person ruling over the Seven Kingdoms.

When he failed to plant his schemes with the King, he turned to his daughter, the Queen. He asked her to manipulate the King into naming his grandson and the King’s first-born son, the Heir.

Only time will tell if his plans come to fruition. However, fans are already hating on the new Littlefinger. They have not failed to make it known that he is a disgusting person as they go on social media to express their thoughts.

A user scream-typed asking Otto to shut up as Aegon is not the firstborn and not the one who is next in line. Another viewer joked saying how he suggested an 18-year-old marry a 2-year-old. Yet another user expressed that Otto is a “sick f**k”.

Many others wanted the character to shut up when he suggested the marriage which even made King Viserys mad. One fan said that Otto is giving Littlefinger vibes.

House of the Dragon will come back with a new episode every Sunday at 9 pm EST.

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