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Orlando Bloom Surprises Katy Perry With A B-Day Message From Borat

Orlando Bloom surprised Katy Perry with a special message from a famous journalist. The actor took to his social media to share with his fans a video message from Kazakh reporter, Borat Sagdiyev.

Sacha Baron Cohen portrayed his controversial character’s grey suit and enormous mustache. He recorded a birthday message for the birthday girl, Katy or should I say, “Katy Pepsi”. The controversial figure addressed Orlando’s famous nude photos.

The reporter took the opportunity to poke fun at his nude photos clicked by paparazzi while he was paddle-boarding on a nude beach back in 2016. The fictitious journalist said, “I was planning on going sailing in Florida and so I make internet searching of ‘Orlando water sports.”

Borat further explained, “But instead, Mr. Google sent me a photograph of your husband with his crumb out. He have a very good one!” The hilarious video continued on as he told Katy it must be nice to see Orlando bloom. He continued, “You will have a very nice birthday. A lot of cream on your cake. Why not?”

Orlando posted the funny video and captioned it tagging Katy and writing her dream come true- birthday message. He continued, “my love HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” with emojis. The birthday girl reposted the video and captioned it, “omg”.

A few days ago, the couple along with Ariana Grande, Josh Gad and Sacha himself came together and showed their support for the controversial character. The group were all together as they posed around a cut-out of Borat and Sacha shared a picture to his social media.

He joked and captioned it, “Hollywood liberals think they catch me, but these perverts actual committing sex attack on a fake! Great success!”

Katy Jokes About Second Child

However, Orlando had shared a series of never-before-seen pictures of Katy and him together. The couple recently welcomed the new member into their family as the singer gave birth to their first baby girl, Daisy.

Orlando captioned the sweet pictures and simply wished his fiancé and wrote they will go places. Katy Perry recently welcomed her first baby Daisy Dove Bloom, who she shares with fiance, Orlando Bloom. She also released her brand new album, Smile on Friday, a day after giving birth.

The singer joked that she might give birth to her second child along with the release of her album. Katy and Orlando announced the birth of their baby girl on Thursday through UNICEF.

Katy shared with her fans hoping that they would like her sixth album and that it would cheer them up. “IT’S HERE! IT’S REALLY HERE!” the star said. “I finally got back my smile! Hope this record puts one on your face. #SMILE IS OUT EVERYWHERE NOW! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ENJOY (sent from my hospital bed lol).”

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The singer shared a picture of a woman throwing a baby to a man. She captioned the image saying this replicates her feeding Daisy all day and handing her over to Orlando while she gives birth to her second child. Smile includes the singles Daisies, Harleys In Hawaii, and Never Really Over, which was inspired by her relationship with Pirates Of The Caribbean star.

Smile follows the release of her previous album, Witness. Katy had opened up about the failure of the album which led to “bouts of situational depression”. She also admitted to having paid attention to a lot of the criticism of the album.

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