Opera launches Crypto Browser

Opera unveiled a new browser based on Web3 and the decentralised internet. The Crypto Browser is accessible in beta for PC, Mac, and Android, with an iOS version lined up. Opera emphasises that its new product is a Web3-specific browser. This includes a built-in non-custodial crypto wallet that allows users to access cryptocurrency and use decentralised apps without the need for an extension. Web3 refers to the third stage of web development. Web3 follows in the footsteps of Web2 and Web1 as it’s name and It will be more secure than prior versions.

The built-in non-custodial wallet is a significant feature that will enable blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo, and Nervos right away. It has also announced collaborations with Polygon and other companies. You can buy cryptocurrencies with fiat money, swap them in your wallet, send and receive them, and check your wallet balance. It also features a secure clipboard that prevents other programmes from copying or pasting your info.

Web3 is based on cryptocurrency and a decentralised internet. Decentralised applications, often known as DApps, are natively supported by browsers that support Web3. Decentralised money is also supported by Web3 (Defi). Many ordinary web browsers are still unfamiliar with these concepts, which Opera is attempting to address. Opera says its new Crypto Browser is part of a larger effort to make blockchain technologies more understandable.

Opera’s Web3 browser also has a Crypto Corner news and data aggregator, which will include important information on crypto headlines, crypto asset values, and gas taxes, as well as crypto events, airdrops, and even podcasts.

The popularity of Web3 is growing, yet none of the current online browsing experiences are designed to provide a seamless and secure user experience in the decentralised web. Users will benefit from Opera’s Crypto Browser Project, which promises a simpler, quicker, and more private Web3 experience. It clarifies a user experience that can be perplexing for non-technical users. For the decentralised web to attain its full potential, Opera believes Web3 must be simple to use. Opera’s new browser is currently in beta, and interested users may get it here.

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