Only Murders In The Building actor Cara Delevingne is on board for Season 2

Are you ready with your detective minds to solve some great mysteries that are soon going to occur at a building in New York? Hope all the great detective minds are ready with their tools and observatory skills to solve the mystery. If yes then it’s soon going to be time to reveal all the tricks you have under your sleeve.

What a terrific god-damned finale this is going to be.”

With just a few days left for the release of the new episodes of the second season of Only Murders in The Building, fans can’t wait for what mystery the new series holds and how the three enthusiastic neighborhood detectives are going to solve it with their detection skills.

Ahead of the release, the Only Murders in The Building actor Cara Delevingne has revealed her emotions for the show as “shocked and surprised”

It was honestly the best project I’ve ever done, I just didn’t want it to end“- the actor said

The actor plays the role of Alice in the show who is an insider of the art world of New York City and she also joins the trio from the Arcadia apartment building’s mysteries. At the end of the season, the famous neighborhood detective trio Oliver played by Martin Short, Charles played by Steve Martin and Mabel played by Selena Gomez find themselves in police custody after being suspected of a murder in the building.

In the new season, reportedly  Alice will be seen as Mabel’s love interest and would be seen as playing a pansexual role in the show.

“I really loved being able to represent the queer community, Cara is Selena Gomez’s close friend, and having to share a platform with her in a new project she shared her views about it by saying – It was so easy and safe, we already have that relationship in terms of comfortability.” 

Gomez also shared her thoughts on coming together for a project- ” I’ve known her for so many years. It was honestly like working with a childhood friend. I just enjoyed it. She’s hilarious.” 

The mystery is yet to unfold and be revealed to the audience in the upcoming episodes of the show. It would be exciting to see what are the twists in the show and what role these characters play as the story is narrated.

You can catch the first two episodes of season 2 of the Only Murders in the Building on Hulu and new episodes of season 2 releases every Tuesday

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