Roman Reigns

On WWE SmackDown Roman Reigns Gave Jey Uso An Ultimatum 

After the Royal Rumble VIP live event in January came to a close, Jey Uso left his family behind. Since then, Jey has remained silent and has walked alone, whether it be by standing his ground and refusing to strike Sami Zayn in defiance of Roman Reigns’ orders to do so or by merely watching a competitive altercation between Jimmy Uso and Sami Zayn from the crowd.

On this week’s “WWE SmackDown,” Jey was once again absent from The Bloodline’s numerous backstage segments, infuriating Reigns, who acknowledged that Jey’s constant absence was getting on his nerves. In a backstage interview with Paul Heyman, Reigns said, “I’m not going to blame Sami if Jey isn’t back in the Bloodline in a week.”

Sikoa’s victory over Zayn

Jimmy is to blame, I say. Heyman was shocked by Reigns’ ominous remarks because he had previously warned Jimmy that if he didn’t “take care of the Jey situation,” he would tell Solo Sikoa to do so. With Sikoa’s victory over Zayn later in the evening, The Bloodline’s fissures were once more apparent. After the fight, Solo put a chair over Zayn’s head and got ready to use his deadly running hip attack to finish off the former Honorary Uce. Jimmy, though, made a quick save and said he’d like the honour of killing Zayn.

Roman Reigns has been a professional wrestler for many years, but he met Galina Becker, his wife, long before entering the ring. The WWE superstar had his partner by his side before he even started his ascent in the wrestling world. In 2010, Reigns started his professional wrestling career in Florida Championship Wrestling, formerly a WWE development company.

When he returned in 2020 and established The Bloodline as the Tribal Chief, everything changed. Reignscurrently rank among the best heels in the industry and have a devoted fan base. At the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2005, Roman Reigns first met Galina Becker, the woman who would become his wife. The former participated in football, while the latter did track and field competitions.


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