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On WWE Backstage, Booker T Talks About Working With CM Punk 

This week, CM Punk has been in news a lot because of a backstage brawl incorporating Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, in addition to other backstage talent. Following this conflict, which was caused by Punk’s comments during AEW All Out media scrum, he was compelled to relinquish the AEW World Championship, & Omega and the Young Bucks relinquished the AEW World Trios Championships; numerous involved parties have reportedly been suspended.

This isn’t the first time Punk has caused problems in the locker room, and in an interview, two-time WWE Hall of Famer and six-time World Champion Booker T discussed what it’s like to work with Punk and how guys can make the most money in wrestling. Let me explain. Reality of Wrestling, the wrestling company I own, was one of the first to bring a no-name CM Punk into Reality of Wrestling, all okay.

Before he became a big shot and renowned, I had something on CM Punk in terms of being a guy who tried to understand the psychology of the business. And he managed to figure it out very well so because finest wrestlers aren’t the ones who go out and conduct the best, they are not really the ones who earn the most money, they aren’t the best in the ring performers, but they have some kind of link with those fans.

Booker T and Punk

Between 2005 and 2007, Booker T and Punk worked together in WWE until Booker T left the company. The two only competed in singles competition once, on a show of SmackDown in 2007, with Punk coming out on top. Booker T spoke about his friendship with the two-time AEW World Champion. That’s something punk has always had.

Even on Backstage, Punk maintained an air of mystery about himself. He always understood how to make fans feel a certain way once they watched him, which is a very, very special trait, but people think I got into a fight with CM Punk, but I’ve always gotten along with CM Punk, despite the fact that made some outrageous comments, let’s just say that.

But I’m just talking from experience. I’ll never say anything that I can’t say to someone’s face, and it’ll usually be constructive rather than personal ten times out of ten. Punk has a 21-2 record since joining AEW at All Out 2021, for his only losses coming at the hands of MJF & Jon Moxley, each of whom he defeated after his loss to them.


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