On Tonight's Dynamite, A Former WWE Star Makes His AEW Debut

On Tonight’s Dynamite, A Former WWE Star Makes His AEW Debut

As previously stated, MJF has set up a surprise competitor for his ally, Wardlow, to wrestle again on AEW Dynamite. This was never stipulated who the competitor would be, but he was teased as being cleverer than you, greater than you, and bigger than you, as well as you can’t show that. Numerous fans assumed that W. Morrissey, previously known as Big Cass in WWE, will indeed show up in AEW based on the way the lines were delivered.

That turned out to be correct, as Wardlow’s mystery opponent, William Morrissey, was revealed on tonight’s show. Wardlow was said to have faced the largest opponent he had ever faced in All Elite Wrestling.

Despite the fact that the two massive athletes traded back and forth strikes and power moves throughout the match, Wardlow had been able to come out on top. Wardlow scooped up the 7 ft. Morrissey after hitting an impressive moonsault off the top rope to hit his completing powerbomb for the win.

Morrissey’ long-term goal

Morrissey stated in January that his long-term goal is to become the top star in Impact Wrestling. Despite the fact that this was Morrissey’s first appearance with AEW, the announcers emphasised that he is still an Impact star.

Nobody cares how long I’m here anyway or how much money I’m trying to make. That is simply my opinion. But, yes, I’m with IMPACT right now, but also my goal is the firm’s face. Everyone believe they know until they wouldn’t, Morrissey explained.

People believe they have a right to know things, especially about their personal lives. That is neither right nor appropriate in my opinion. What’s mine is mine, and I’m going to have to keep it between myself and them. All I’ll tell would be that I’ll keep working hard to assist IMPACT grow, and I’ll keep working hard until I’m the top person there. So, for the time being, I’ll be with IMPACT wrestling. Everyone else is free to speculate about everything else.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.