Kip Sabian

On All Out Sunday, Kip Sabian Will Wrestle In His First AEW Match In Over A Year 

Kip Sabian hasn’t fought for AEW since Miro, his former tag team partner, viciously beaten him after their Arcade Anarchy match on AEW Dynamite on March 25, 2021. All of that changes on Sunday, when Sabian challenges PAC for the AEW All-Atlantic Championship at the NOW Arena near Chicago, IL, during the Zero Hour pre-show prior to the All Out pay-per-view.

The fight was announced on the 9/31 AEW Dynamite, in which Sabian elaborated on his master plan, which cost Death Triangle their match against United Empire in the AEW World Trios Titles tournament a week earlier. Bastard, you fell for the most basic of ruses, Sabian said that as AEW played back footage of PAC unboxing a fan in the crowd who was mistaken for Sabian but turned out to be someone else with a bruised face and taped-up mouth.

As a result, the real Sabian ambushed PAC, costing his team a match against Will Ospreay and company. Prior to last week’s angle, Sabian had been on the front row for many of PAC’s All-Atlantic title defences in independent promotions around the world. Previously, Sabian ended up sitting ringside at AEW events wearing a cardboard box over his head with the sayings Underrated Over It written on the front. During PAC’s overseas title defences, however, he sat without a box.


Sabian was fired from AEW TV in March 2021 so that he could have arm surgery. His first match after surgery was against Robbie X at a British Wrestling Revolution event in Lincolnshire, England. W. Morrisey has returned to All Elite Wrestling. The Wingmen came to the ring with picketing signs in hand on Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite to protest their dearth of television time. They vented their annoyances over the microphone, but they didn’t stay long. Morrissey’s music played, and the seven-foot giant strode to the ring, where he promptly slaughtered all four men. 

Stokely Hathaway walked down to the ring to join Morrissey and handed Morrissey his business card as he stood tall in the ring. Morrissey & Hathaway exchanged a nod & walked together up the entrance aisle. Tony Schiavone cut them off and inquired Hathaway why he’s doling out his cards to numerous wrestlers. Hathaway became enraged, and Morrissey had to restrain him before he barged off. 


Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.