Ollie Pope shines, Jarvo causes delay again : IND vs ENG , 4th test Day 2

Day 2 of Test 4 between India and England began with India dismissing the night watchman Craig Overton immediately. A sharp catch by Virat Kohli in the first slip gave an encouraging start to the Indians. It was yet another outswinger by Umesh Yadav, very close to the off-stump, Craig Overton went for a cut off his back foot and got a regulation outside edge that was taken by the Indian skipper in the cordon. Impressive stuff by Umesh this. Got Root on the evening of Day 1, and struck early in the morning. Also, Overton’s wicket was the 150th wicket of Umesh Yadav’s career. He proved his selection was an excellent decision by the board.

Umesh Yadav strikes again

In the 24th over, Yadav bowled a good length delivery outside off that swung in to an extent and Malan went for it. A regulation outside edge towards Rohit at second slip followed and the Hitman completed a lovely catch. England was five down with only 62 on the board at this moment. In the same over, the DRS Drama happened. India took a review as the delivery hit Bairstow’s pads, well below the knee roll. However, Bairstow survived as the ball was swinging down the leg side. Had it swung a little less than it did, Bairstow was a goner. Was a hint of late movement as Bairstow missed out on his flick. Impact around the middle and leg and the movement has helped the batsman get away with it.

Umesh Yadav was on fire as he kept asking plenty of questions to the batsmen, which were quite literally out of syllabus.

Ollie Pope shines with four 4s in an over

The 30th over of the innings saw some excellent proactive batting from Pope. Yes, the over did have some poor bowling from Thakur but Pope made the most out of it. His first shot was straight as an arrow. The crowd enjoyed the wonderful batting display of the 23-year-old.

Jarvo invades the field again

A prank feels funny at the first instance, when done twice, it gets a pass, but thrice is when it’s out of hand. Jarvo, a comedian by profession, surely is causing a big headache for the security department of the ground. He was banned from the Headingley ground as he had invaded the match with batting gear. He even walked onto the pitch. This time, Jarvo came bowling in and crashed into Jonny Bairstow. Bairstow looked startled and didn’t find it funny at all. Of course, the memes and internet fame are just promoting Jarvo to cause such inconvenience and chaos.


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