Olivia Wilde On Harry Styles & Chris Pine’s ‘Spitgate’ Rumor

Don’t Worry Darling’s offscreen drama continued in the Venice Premiere as well. With many moments of the actors getting captured and going viral on the internet. One of which was of Harry Styles & Chris Pine.

A clip from the Venice premiere went viral on the internet about Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine. The internet was divided as some thought Harry really did it and others believed he didn’t. But later on, it was clarified by Chris Pine’s rep, that ‘Harry Styles Did Not spit on Chris Pine’.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert on his The Late Show, Olivia Wilde arrived as a guest. She also addressed this viral ‘Spit’ controversy of Harry & Chris in a clip released by ‘The Late Show’. Olivia Wilde gave a new word to this ‘weird rumor’ about the Harry Styles Spit. She named it “spitgate”.

Olivia Wilde confirmed that the As It Was singer did not spit on Chris Pine. She considered this rumor to be the best example of how people look for drama wherever they can.

The host joked saying, ” only time will tell” if the spitgate rumor is true or not. To which Olivia confidently says, “No he really didn’t.”

Olivia Wilde Shuts Down Feud Rumors

Olivia Wilde in her Venice press conference addressed the absence of the Black Widow star and also praised her as a performer. Also, she made sure to shut down the drama rumors about the stars of the film.

Olivia says, ” The Internet feeds itself I don’t feel the need to contribute. I think it’s sufficiently well-nourished. Further, she continues by praising Florence saying that ‘She is a force’. That they are grateful to have her attending the red carpet despite filming for Dune.

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