Oakley explains why MJ's beef with Barkley, Pippen and Isiah Thomas will never end

Oakley explains why MJ’s beef with Barkley, Pippen and Isiah Thomas will never end

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly the biggest name in NBA community, and arguably the biggest in sports community too. Many of MJ’s teammates who liked him, have ended up being his enemies for a different reason. Perhaps some didn’t like him for being so successful, or some teammates found his attitude to be too dominating in a team environment.

The most famous example is Isiah Thomas, who never liked Jordan for his personality and did everything he could to stop His Airness from achieving excellence. MJ also has seen two of his closest friends turning into strangers in recent years, first being frustrated at Charles Barkley for criticizing his decisions as an executive. Chuck and MJ were really close, so close that once MJ took Charles on his private jet just to cheer him up after a big loss.

After MJ’s documentary, The Last Dance was released, Scottie Pippen was hurt over the way he was portrayed in it. MJ and Pippen had great chemistry during their playing days, but all that was left behind as Pippen wrote a book where he targeted MJ and many other people who he appeared to be on good terms with.

Oakley on why Jordan’s relations with Barkley, Pippen and Isiah Thomas might never heal

Charles Oakley is one who is on good terms with MJ, and is his close friend at present. In an interaction with Shannon Sharpe on his ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast, the Oak Tree explained why he feels that Jordan’s relations with these three might never heal back.

“No. It’s just like asking… I dunno, Isiah Thomas won’t come because he didn’t go to the Dream Team. Scottie has put himself in a position where it’s almost tough to sit down and sit across from the guy that went to war with you and said something about it in the book. 

“But Barkley, ain’t no more golfing for Barkley. I know he likes golfing and all, but Charles Barkley is going to have to sit on TNT for 20 years. Ain’t no golf time for you, and I feel sorry for you. You really like to play golf, your game gets better, but you got to play with some other guys. 

Going by Oakley’s statement, it seems highly unlikely that Jordan will ever be friends again with these three. Isiah Thomas finds every little way to criticize MJ. So, that’s out of the box. MJ gave a cold shoulder to Barkley at NBA top 75 event. Pippen is a completely different and worse case.


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