NYC Pride Parade Also Happening In Metaverse This Year

LGBT event planners are apparently perceiving the metaverse as new Web3.0 technology that gives marginalised people access to possibilities.

The New York City Pride March begins on June 26 and is the biggest celebration for the LGBT community in North America, drawing up to 2 million participants and spectators annually.

This year, it doesn’t simply happen in NYC; it also occurs in the metaverse.

Next week, MetaPride Land, a metaverse LGBT event organiser, will hold a number of celebrations in the Sandbox and Decentraland as concerts and shows take place in real life on streets and venues in New York.

Former media executive at Time magazine and founder of MetaPride Land Matt Stevenson claims that the metaverse opens doors to a much larger community regardless of circumstances or geography.

“There are still 68 countries across the world where it’s illegal to be gay. In the United States, there are over 200 bills that are targeting our community in some way, shape or form,” said Stevenson.

“It felt really important that going into this June, we provide a space that’s accessible regardless of where you are, to come in and celebrate your life.”

Stevenson stated that he would like to create a location in the metaverse that replicates actual LGBT facilities so that those who identify as queer can go there to find options like therapy and support services.

He is not the only person who has similar thoughts about how the metaverse, a technology that is part of the evolving Web 3.0 version of the internet, might provide chances for marginalized people to communicate and freely express themselves.

The two top metaverse developers, Decentraland and the Sandbox, are planning pride events to coincide with the festivities in New York.

People of Crypto, a New York-based metaverse innovation lab, intends to airdrop 8,430 NFT avatars for use in the Sandbox in June. These avatars will have a variety of looks, sexual orientations, and skin tones.

To create what they refer to as a “cultureverse” that supports and invests in initiatives that represent artists who identify as people of colour and LGBT, People of Crypto and the Sandbox are launching “The Valley of Belonging” on June 24.


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