NXT Women’s Championship match between Mandy Rose and Zoey Stark will take place at Heatwave next Tuesday

Mandy Rose is attempting to prevent Zoey Stark from challenging her for the NXT Women’s Championship at Heatwave next Tuesday. Last Tuesday, Rose tried to convince Cora Jade to kill Stark before Heatwave.

The benefit of Rose is that Jade would be the following opponent. That prepared Jade and Stark for their singles encounter in NXT episode’s headline bout.

Stark last defeated Jade in a combat royal between the top contenders after making his injury-related comeback.

Roxanne Perez, a former member of Jade’s tag team, has challenged Jade to a bout at NXT Heatwave. Jade rejected the challenge last week with a firm “absolutely not.”

Disrespect to Mandy Rose?

Mandy Rose, the current NXT Women’s Champion, recently retaliated when Zoey Stark, the show’s top contender, defeated her.

After injuring her MCL on November 2, 2021, the former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion made her injury recovery debut on the developmental brand’s July 19 programme. She emerged as Rose’s top challenger after winning a fight royal.

Stark and Cora Jade squared up in the main event of the most recent episode of the programme. At the commentary booth, the NXT Women’s Champion was watching the match. Rose attempted to assault her opponent from behind after the former women’s tag team champions won the match, but Stark was one step ahead and nailed Rose with her finisher.

This NXT 2.0 star’s mother is Mandy Rose, according to her

The NXT Women’s Title has been held by the Golden Goddess of WWE for 286 days. At NXT Heatwave, Stark and Mandy Rose will square off in an effort for Stark to win the championship after 300 days as the incumbent.

Last week, Mandy Rose approached Cora Jade about working together on this week’s NXT 2.0 to defeat Zoey Stark, a challenger for her NXT Women’s Championship. This week, Rose has taken their partnership a step further.

Before Cora Jade’s contest with Zoey Stark on tonight’s NXT 2.0, August 9, Rose wished her luck on Twitter, writing:

“Come on little child, don’t let your mom down!”

Even though Mandy Rose, 32, is not chronologically old enough to be Cora Jade, 21,’s mother, their new alliance presents exciting possibilities, particularly if Mandy Rose loses a Toxic Attraction member.

Zoey Stark ”The Supernova

Zoey Stark is thrilled to be the current top contender for the “NXT” Women’s Championship. The “NXT” star made a surprise return to the ring and ultimately emerged victorious in the main event battle royal to secure her place in the title match against Mandy Rose.

In response to Quetzalli Bulnes of “El Brunch De WWE,” Stark replied, “I’m so on a high right now from Tuesday.” “It’s such a bizarre time. I’ll never forget that experience for the rest of my life. It meant the world to me when the WWE Universe responded in that way because I had not anticipated it. It was just great. I received a video of the crowd’s reaction from my physical therapist, and it’s really surreal to watch how the people reacted to me. So astounding,”

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