Nurses ‘continue to amaze us all in their unceasing treatment,’ Emilia Clarke on International Nurses Day

Actress Emilia Clarke sent out a heartfelt message to nurses on Wednesday, wishing them a happy International Nurses Day and praising their commitment over the last year, both during pandemics and in normal times. The 34-year-old actress took to Instagram to send a video message to all nurses around the world.

“She said,” she explained “Hello, everybody! I’d like to extend a warm greeting to all nursing workers on International Nurses Day. The nursing staff’s commitment has been evident over the last year. Every one of us, all over the world, has seen firsthand the critical role that nurses play in keeping patients healthy and delivering vital care.”

She went on to say, “The Royal College of Nursing is celebrating Nurses Day today by highlighting the amazing work that nurses do. Both during the pandemic and in everyday life.”

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Clarke, who serves as the Royal College of Nursing’s ambassador, expressed his pride in the position, saying, “I’ve never been more proud to be your ambassador than when I saw and heard about the incredible work that nursing staff did during the covid pandemic, and how you went above and beyond this past year. Thank you for what you do every day for your patients, and I wish you a happy International Nurses Day in 2021.”

In addition to the touching video clip, the star of Last Christmas wrote in the caption, “I’m always ecstatic to be an ambassador for @thercn! Nurses all over the world continue to amaze us with their unwavering concern and affection for their patients during this terrifying period.”

The Game of Thrones actor went on to say, “In 2021, we want to show how nursing will change the next stage of healthcare as well as how it will look in the future. Please join me in honouring all nurses everywhere today for being our rock when everything else around us is falling apart.”

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