Nurse Gives BTS Jin Unauthorized Vaccine at Military, Sparking Controversy

In a recent development that has sparked controversy, it has been reported by Korean media that an unauthorized vaccination was administered to BTS member Jin, who is currently serving in the military. An executive from the 28th Division is suspected of leaking drugs to the 5th Division Recruit Training Center, where Jin is stationed.

(via Korean Media – source) According to information obtained on the 18th, Lieutenant A, a nursing officer in her 20s from the 28th Division, left her assigned workplace without permission during working hours in mid-January. She drove approximately 30 minutes from her location in B-city, Gyeonggi-do, to the 5th Division Recruit Training Center in Yeoncheon-gun, where Jin was undergoing his military service.

It has been revealed that Lieutenant A had a personal relationship with Mr. D, a nursing officer at the 5th Division, and they conspired in advance to approach Jin. From around 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm on the same day, Lieutenant A administered the second dose of the vaccination against epidemic hemorrhagic fever to Jin at the medical office of the 5th Division Recruit Training Center.

Lieutenant A then returned to her assigned unit and described Jin’s condition as being unwell. However, her actions of leaving the workplace without permission and administering the vaccine without proper authorization have raised concerns.

The executive’s departure from the workplace without permission is considered a violation of Article 79 of the Military Criminal Act, which can lead to imprisonment for up to one year. Moreover, Lieutenant A is also suspected of leaking a substantial quantity of Tylenol to the 5th Division’s recruit training center, exacerbating the situation.

Allegedly, Lieutenant A overheard a conversation between Lieutenant D and another individual regarding a shortage of certain drugs at the 5th Division. She promised to provide a large quantity of Tylenol from the 28th Division and is suspected of leaking it to the outside.

The revelation of Lieutenant A’s unauthorized departure has raised concerns about the military’s integrity, as it appears that she tried to cover up her actions by acting as if she had officially reported her absence. The incident was reported as a civil complaint, leading to a joint investigation conducted by the 28th Division, 5th Division, and 5th Corps Military Police in March.

Critics have emphasized the seriousness of an officer, who is expected to uphold laws and regulations, leaving the workplace and acting inappropriately. There are calls for proper accountability and consequences for Lieutenant A’s actions.

While both internal and external scrutiny of the military’s handling of the incident persists, suspicions have been raised about possible attempts to conceal the incident and questions have been raised about the military’s commitment to disciplinary measures.

Lieutenant Colonel Seo Jeong-hoon, chief of staff of the 28th Division, acknowledged some of the charges against Lieutenant A but stated that some facts are being denied by the company. He assured that the legal department is investigating the matter, and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken based on the findings.

Some observers have expressed concerns that such incidents could undermine the reputation and credibility of a country still technically at war. The departure of soldiers from their assigned units without permission during working hours, along with the leakage of drugs, may be seen as a vulnerability by potential adversaries.

It is important to note that BTS member Jin is currently working as an assistant at the 5th Division Recruit Training Center and is not directly implicated in the controversy surrounding the unauthorized vaccine administration and drug leakage.

As the investigation continues, there is a growing demand for transparency, accountability, and adherence to military protocols to address the serious allegations


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