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Noman Ijaz Useful Advice to Lonely People

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Time icon August 23, 2020

Noman Ijaz, a senior actor in the Pakistan showbiz industry, gave humorous advice to lonely people. On social media site Instagram, the actor shared a photo of himself and wrote that if you ever feel lonely, turn off the lights and watch a scary movie.

“After doing that, you will always feel like someone is standing behind you,” he said.

Remember that nowadays Noman Ijaz is writing such funny captions with his pictures.

Fans also enjoy reading such funny, thought-provoking and interesting captions on pictures from their favorite actors and also give their reaction.

Earlier, he had written in his post that “I like to be friends with lunatics because no sensible person helps in trouble.” It simply means that people just love those who are beneficial for them and like to help only those which are according to their views.

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Noman Ijaz is a Pakistani television and film actor as well as a TV anchorperson and TV show presenter. Active since 1988, he has played several roles and has been a senior actor on state Television

Noman Ijaz grew up in Icchra town, Lahore. His father worked in a movie theatre as a manager. He started his education at Cathedral High School, Lahore. Later he attended Divisional Public School, Model Town, Lahore. He completed his education from Forman Christian College and did Law from Punjab University. He started his acting career in a small appearance in a drama serial in 1988.

Noman Ijaz began his acting career with PTV with a short appearance in the direction of Pakistani TV director Nusrat Thakur. He then did a TV serial from PTV Quetta Centre.

He then appeared in many different roles, including negative roles in the dramas Rihaee and Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi. He then appeared in film Ramchand Pakistani (2008) where he romanced Nandita Das.

Noman Ijaz hosted a TV comedy show on PTV Home.In 2012, Noman Ijaz received a Pride of Performance award from the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari.

Noman Ijaz needs absolutely no introduction. His versatility is unmatched. Even after all these years of being associated with the drama industry,
he never fails to impress his viewers.

Noman Ijaz is one of those serious actors who believe that there is always room for improvement. Noman Ijaz has worked with the best people in the industry and he is the most sought after actor.

He is a true artist who is in the business for the love of art. Noman Ijaz always gives his seniors credit for helping him groom his acting skills. His humility is just as likable as his performances.

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Even after all this experience, Noman Ijaz is still as scared today whether he will be able to deliver or not, when he takes up a new project. He always gives every project his best but throughout he is fearful whether he will be able to do justice to the character he is playing or not. It has to be this dedication which enables him to give his best every time.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Noman Ijaz.

Noman Ijaz’s Filmi love story
Noman Ijaz is married to Rabia Noman, who he loves dearly. He speaks fondly about his wife in interviews. After all these years of being married to her, he is in awe of her dedication towards her family. So much so that he gives Rabia Noman credit for helping him get where he is today by always being supportive.

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Noman Ijaz’s love story and the way he got married is very filmi! According to him, someone could easily make a whole soap on his love story. He put in a lot of effort to get married to Rabia. He fell for her, the first time he saw her. Her simplicity attracted him more than anything else. Noman Ijaz’s play Dasht had already gone on air by that time. When he met Rabia’s parents, they were not too impressed by the fact that he was an actor.

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Does not like giving interviews

Noman Ijaz never liked giving interviews, a fact he has stated repeatedly for many years now. Back in the days when actors were not paid much for giving interviews, Noman Ijaz stated that he charged for his time and would only give interviews if someone paid him well for it.

Recently, in a few talk shows he shared that while giving interviews, you end up answering questions in which you have to state your personal opinions about many things. He thinks that sometimes these opinions can turn into controversies. Since Noman Ijaz does not like being in the middle of controversies therefore he does not give a lot of interviews. Lately however he has been seen in some talk shows talking candidly about his likes and dislikes.

Awards mean nothing to him

In a world where many actors are constantly competing for awards, there are also actors like Noman Ijaz who believe that these awards are superfluous. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, Noman Ijaz feels that the way actors are nominated and finally finalized for receiving these awards is not up to the mark. He feels that sometimes actors are given these awards for all the wrong reasons.

Another reason why Noman Ijaz does not like attending award functions is that he feels that there is no point of asking the young talent to give award to seasoned actors. He does not want to receive an award from someone who has yet to prove themselves.

Noman Ijaz has lately been seen in award functions and according to him, that was because the production houses and other people he worked with pushed him to do so. If he had a choice, he wouldn’t be part of such shows ever!

His son entering acting soon?

Noman Ijaz revealed in a recent interview that his eldest son Zaviar has shown interest in acting. He shared that he is gradually grooming his son for the field. Noman Ijaz has also advised his son to enter the field only if he is truly interested in the profession. Noman Ijaz also shared that while he will help groom Zaviar for the industry, he will not open any doors for him since he wants him to experience things on his own.

Does not like to socialize

Usually the general impression of all those associated with showbiz is that these actors love socializing. Well, Noman Ijaz is certainly not one of those actors. He has a really small circle and even lesser people who he allows inside his home. Noman Ijaz is hardly ever seen in celebrity gatherings and this is the reason for it.

Bought his first car after getting married

Although Noman Ijaz was working at an office and acting at the same time but he had the money to buy his first car few months after getting married. This was a second hand car for which he is really thankful even today. This was a big achievement for him.

Is not fond of social media

Noman Ijaz has recently started being somewhat active on social media but he believes that social media is more fake than it is real. He also believes that many celebrities get work because they are active on social media which is the wrong criteria.

He doesn’t like watching himself on the screen

Surprisingly enough, Noman Ijaz does not like watching his own dramas. He still gets uncomfortable watching himself on television. In an interview, he mentioned that he has not seen even a single play of his till the end. So much so that he hasn’t even watched his own wedding’s video! Isn’t that surprising?

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