Noah Schnapp Issues Apology Over Leaked Video Singing The N-Word

Stranger Things alum, Noah Schnapp came under fire recently after a video of him surfaced. The video surfaced and started doing the rounds on Twitter and people quickly canceled him.

The video had him and his friends hanging out while the actor sang a song. However, he seemed to be using the N-word and singing along to Lil Dicky and Chris Brown’s superhit song, Freaky Friday.

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As the video circulated, fans expressed their disappointment as Noah had previously said he had never used the word. The actor took to his social media to issue an apology as the hashtag #noahschnappisoverparty started trending on Twitter in less than no time.

The actor claimed the video was shot last year and said he was saying the word “neighbor” over the N-word. Noah assured his fans he would never say the N-word because he is not that type of person. He said he has never used it before and revealed that using the word “neighbor” instead was something he and his friends in camp did.

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Noah further reassured and said he hopes his fans understand he would never think of doing something like that. He continued, “my friends also would never post a video, or support me if I was saying that slur without hesitation.”

The actor apologized for using another word instead of the N-word. He said it is not his place to use a replacement word and that he should have kept quiet. Noah further said he understands why people will be offended by the same. The actor was previously accused of using a racial slur as well.

People quickly shared his apology and slowed down the video only to realize he was actually using the word “neighbor”.

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However, his superhit Netflix series, Stranger Things will resume filming in September for its highly-anticipated fourth season.

The authorities confirmed that the sci-fi drama will resume filming in Georgia, US. The state hopes that they can resume all film and TV industry after the long pandemic.

The cast has already been informed about the shooting which will start from September 17, according to an entertainment portal. However, the virus is still around the corner, which means that the date can be pushed ahead as well.

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Owner of the Atlanta Metro Studios, John Rooker said that Georgians want to get back to work. He says they want to show that they can beat the virus and encourage America to go back to work. The show’s stunt coordinator also revealed that filming action sequences won’t be easy. Social distancing would make it harder to film.

He told ComicBook they can separate themselves, work in and out of the set in waves. Instead of having everybody on set, they are planning to have only a few people to make it easier. Rooker further said that everybody can wear masks and gloves except for the actors. They will have to be in close contact.


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