No Way Back Has Finally Been Confirmed Uncle Ben was never a big deal in the MCU

The events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which featured a twist on the standard Peter Parker origin narrative, eventually addressed Uncle Ben’s absence in the MCU. Uncle Ben was never mentioned in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, or Spider-Man: Far From Home, so it was unclear for a long time whether he really existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Peter used a briefcase with the letters “BP” on his European vacation in Far From Home, and there was a deleted scene in Homecoming where Peter name-dropped him. However, as the screenwriters of No Way Home established Uncle Ben’s place in the MCU, it became clear that Marvel’s most renowned father figure never actually mattered.

Uncle Ben never matter in the MCU

The MCU never gave audiences the chance to experience Peter Parker’s origin narrative, unlike Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man duology. During the events of Civil War, he was already Spider-Man when he was recruited by Tony Stark.

As a result, many people speculated if his origin was the same as in the other Spider-Man movies and if he was the one who let Uncle Ben die. It was also unclear whether Peter had been reminded that “with great power comes tremendous responsibility,” as this is a lesson acquired traditionally through Ben’s death.

Uncle Ben was never important in the MCU, and the final part of the Home trilogy was actually the end of Peter’s origin tale, according to Spider-Man: No Way Home. Aunt May’s function as Peter’s mentor in this film effectively erased Ben’s position from the continuity, as she served as Peter’s moral compass and the guardian who taught him about responsibility. The film even gave her a bigger role in convincing Spider-Man to try to help the Green Goblin, who would later kill her.

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