No more Mega Auctions please - DC and KKR Heads sincere request

No more Mega Auctions please – DC and KKR Heads sincere request

The big IPL auction “creates temporary excitement but long-term problems”. That is the view of Kolkata Knight Riders’ chief executive offer Venky Mysore and co-owner of Delhi Capitals Parth Jindal.
Such a strong argument from the leaders of two of the biggest T20 franchises came on Tuesday when the eight existing teams finalized their retentions before the 2022 mega auction begins. While Mysore felt the big auction was no more the “level-playing field” it once was, back when it was first held in 2011, three years after the IPL’s birth, Jindal said it was “heartbreaking” to invest time and money into so many players only to lose them three years later.
Heartbreaking to let go of Iyer, Dhawan and others – Jindal
“There is a tipping point that’s coming for the league where you have to question whether a big auction is really something that needs to be part of this whole process,” Mysore told ESPNcricinfo while discussing Knight Riders’ retentions on Tuesday. “Or you can do drafts for new players coming in, you can do trades, you can do loans and allow teams to build something for the long haul.”
“It was heartbreaking to lose Shreyas Iyer, Shikhar Dhawan, a Kagiso Rabada, an Ashwin,” Jindal said while speaking to host broadcaster Star Sports on Tuesday. “It’s just that this auction process is built like this and I think going forward the IPL really needs to look at it because it’s not really fair that you build up a team, you give youngsters a chance, you groom them through your set-up and they get opportunities, they play for your franchise, then they go and play for the county or their respective countries and then you lose them after three years.”
The big auction has outlived its usefulness – Bottom line of Mysore’s opinion 
Most of the IPL franchises now own an academy and have a scouting system that taps grasroot and uncapped talent. These franchises aim to build those players, groom them with the vision that one day they will be on the field for their franchise. This process, of course, is carried out with lots of heart and efforts. Mysore stated that with that much of an outlay the franchises deserve a return on investment by retaining players instead of being forced to let them go into auction.
“Directionally at this stage if you ask me since the league has completed 14 years, the big auction has outlived its usefulness. And you have to reward franchises investing in scouting and academies, in growth. We have done that with KKR Academy and we have our scouting structure, both domestic (and) international. Very proud of the fact, someone sent me a note the other day that from 2018 we have had six uncapped players who have gone to play for India. You feel very happy that that we are making some contribution that regard as well.
“More importantly from a franchise standpoint, there’s return on the kind of investment that you make and you feel good about that. There was a time when the big auction really was important to create that level-playing field, but even then we were sort of feeling like if you are going to give a franchise the opportunity to pick some players back it should be through right-to-match (RTM) cards rather than pre-auction retention.”

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