No fear of Mistakes in England Dressing Room encouraged me : Charlie Dean

No fear of Mistakes in England Dressing Room encouraged me : Charlie Dean

Charlie Dean credited her impressive performances to England’s “no-fear” environment. She has become an international match-winner after initially being overlooked for a domestic contract. After being named in a 17-strong squad to tour Australia for the Women’s Ashes in January and February, Dean reflected on what turned out to be a spectacular season in which she also became one of six players on professional contracts with the Vipers, having being left out during the inaugural round of deals announced a year ago.

“It was a bit of a shock, really, to be told that I was going to be involved in the squad for the New Zealand series,” Dean told ESPNcricinfo. “The environment is so open and welcoming that I felt at home pretty quickly on and off the field.

That team environment is something that really encourages people to show what they can do and there’s no real fear of mistakes, there’s just, ‘this is what we want you to do and this is what you can do, so go out there and do it’.

“Whenever I play a game of cricket, I always want to influence the game, whether that’s in the field or potentially with the bat and to do that with my main skill is really a big confidence boost. To be able to take four wickets in the second game really cemented the fact that actually, I can do this, I can perform on the big stage, and that definitely helped me in the next couple of games.”

Dean prepares for the Ashes contest

A relative unknown might has always offered a small but short-lived advantage in Australia. Dean might enjoy that advantage too. However, she is under no illusions about the ferocity of the looming contest, thanks again to the advice she’s received from within the England campaign.

“The rivalry against Australia is something that I’ve not really come across before,” Dean said. “Someone briefed me and said, ‘look, you know, they’re quite harsh against the old Pommies, so just be careful, know that you’re good enough and that’s okay.”
“That’s something that I can get my head around and sort of be in my own little bubble so that if I play, then the battle won’t get to me too much. It’s something that you’ve always got to have in the back of your head and hopefully, the things I’ve done building up to it will prepare me well for that.”

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