No Date Announced For Netflix Original Movie The Ice Road To Stream Outside America News

No Date Announced For Netflix Original Movie The Ice Road To Stream Outside America

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Time icon June 27, 2021

The Ice Road has released on Netflix but is only available in the United States, not across the world. There have been plenty of reviews that promote the worldwide release of Ice Road but sadly, you probably won’t be seeing Ice Road on Netflix worldwide anytime soon. Why?

Liam Neeson’s new film did not get the best reviews from critics but that usually doesn’t matter. The big action flick has been hitting many news headlines of late and it shows that the movie is in good demand.

But sadly, only those in the United States can broadcast ‘The Ice Road’

Available Only On Netflix US

Netflix has worked various ways out to prevent those outside the US from watching Netflix Original Movie titled The Ice Road.

The trailer released by Netflix is also geo restricted but still almost all movie coverage is said to be Netflix Original movie.

Why Not Elsewhere?

Now what is happening here? Even though ‘The Ice Road’ is a Netflix Original, Netflix did not produce the movie. Netflix has just acquired exclusive distribution rights in the United States which means it can only show the movie there.

Looking back on the original announcement as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is sold in each country.

Netflix in the US was the only country to land the movie with Prime Video scoring it in the United Kingdom and France with other countries being sold to local distributors or worse, unsold.

Will The Ice Road Come To Your Country?

Using a website like to see when it eventually reaches your region can help but to put it bluntly, it may not be available right now.

This is not the first time this has happened. In fact, there is a list of movies and series where this has happened. Next month, Gunpowder Milkshake will follow a similar release plan as they arrive in America only.

It can and often does work in the other direction too. Earlier this year for example, everywhere except the United States was treated to Tom Hanks’s News of the World which is displayed as a Netflix Original. In that case, Universal held back the movie from Netflix and at the moment, is only available on VOD services although is expected to land on HBO Max eventually.

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